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History of UK Lottery


The UK National Lottery was first launched on 19 November 1994 with a jackpot of £5,874,778.00. The UK Lottery now holds draws twice a week on Saturday and Wednesday nights. In 2002, it changed its name to simply ‘Lotto.’


How the UK Lotto works


The UK National Lottery follows a simple 6/59 number format. There is no extra number set for the UK Lottery, making it an easy lottery to play and win.

There is a bonus ball, creating an additional prize tier to reward lottery players who have matched both the bonus ball and five numbers.

Players don’t choose the bonus ball.; it’s an additional ball that is chosen automatically during the draw process.


UK Lottery rollovers and record jackpots


The UK Lotto no longer has a rollover cap of a maximum of four rollovers, a rule that was passed in 2015. The rule is that if no one wins the jackpot when it hits £22 million or more, it will roll over to the next draw a final time.

If the jackpot still hasn’t been won, the prize will be shared by the players with the most winning numbers from the following prize tier.

The UK Lottery is popular around the world as all prizes are paid out as a lump sum, completely tax-free. There are a total of six prize tiers with all except the 3 number matches receiving a percentage of the total prize fund. Higher prize funds or a lower amount of winners will result in higher prizes for each of the tiers.


How to play


  • Choose 6 out of 59 possible numbers
  • A bonus ball is automatically chosen during the draw
  • This gives you an additional prize tier if you’ve matched both the bonus ball and the 5 numbers


When to play


  • Wednesday 21:00 (BST)
  • Saturday 21:00 (BST)