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History Of Mega Sena


The Mega Sena lottery might be one of dozens of lotteries available in Brazil, but is undoubtedly the most popular. Since its inception, the game has remained true to its formula except for a welcome improvement from its original game play.


How Mega Sena works 


The Mega Sena Lottery was established with a complicated process of drawing several balls at random from two spinning cages. Today, the Mega Sena is much easier to understand and play.

The balls are now selected from one spinning globe. Each segment of 10 balls are differently coloured from the rest, with a total of six colours across all the balls. Players need to select six unique numbers out of a possible 60. 

If a player matches all their six chosen numbers to the numbers drawn, they win the jackpot. The Mega Sena lottery has a starting minimum jackpot of R$2.5 million (about $800,000), although it grows in size with rollovers and special draws.


The Mega Sena only pays out prizes for the top 3 prize tiers. The prize value for each tier is based on a percentage value of the total prize fund (46% of the total lottery earnings). 


  • Match 6 balls - 35% of prize fund
  • Match 5 balls - 19% of prize fund
  • Match 4 balls - 19% of prize fund



Mega Sena jackpots and draws

The largest jackpot that has been paid out was R$197 million in December 2015. Other notable wins include:


  • R$135.3 million (Nov 2014)
  • R$119.1 million (Oct 2010)
  • R$53.1 million (2008) 


The Mega Da Virada draw


Every New Year's Eve, a much-awaited special draw takes place. The Mega Da Virada draw takes place with massive prizes on offer; the 2010 jackpot was a  jaw-dropping R$194.3 million! These jackpots are made up from a percentage of every prize fund from each draw throughout the year, which means even though they will vary in value you can be assured that it will be a draw worth entering.

The biggest prize won in the Mega Da Viarada was a whopping R$ 263 million.

How to play 


  • Choose 6 numbers from a possible 60
  • Match all 6 numbers to those drawn and you could be the next Mega Sena winner!


When to play


  • The Mega Sena lottery draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 20h00 (BRT)