El Nino Raffle
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El Nino


How to play


You can play by buying a ticket for the very Lucrative game draw. For the draw there are numbers between 00.000 and 99.999, which are each divided into 40 series or blocks. Each one of this series is divided into 10 decimos or tickets.  So, this means that players have to purchase a certain amount of tickets in order to play a complete number?

40 series * 10 tickets ("decimos") each serie = 400 tickets ("decimos")

With these 400 tickets we would then be eligible to play a complete number of the 100,000 for each draw, ultimately increasing the possibility of immense winning.


Big jackpot prizes


  • The game presents around €560 million in prize giving. This includes:
  • Handing out over 70 % of the emission as prizes - the highest percentage in the world. Due to this, prizing allotted to each ticket (décimo) end up being very big, with approximately 35 out of every 100 tickets each holding some kind of prizing
  • The games philosophy is based on sharing the maximum number of prizes between players, each player has lots of opportunities for, at least, winning some kind of prize, not matter how small
  • Draws are done by the Spanish Government, so all winnings are completely guaranteed as it the game is hosted by the Government
  • Prizing is paid out immediately in a unique payment.


When to play


The Spanish El Nino draw takes place once a year, on January 6th.