El Gordo Navidad
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El Gordo Navidad Lottery


How to play


Placing your entries for the El Gordo Navidad lottery is slightly different from other lottery games: instead of buying a single ticket, Navidad tickets are sold either as a full ticket, which is known as a ‘billete’, or a tenth of a ticket, which is known as a ‘decimo’. This lottery game is more like a raffle, where you buy pre-printed billetes. Each number can be sold as many as 180 times. 


Win big with El Gordo Navidad


The El Gordo Navidad offers prizes worth €2.2 billion. 

There are also 1,794 smaller prizes worth €1,000 and 10,000 other prizes between €50 and €100 which explains the popularity of this game.

Prize tier


First Prize “El Gordo”


Second Prize


Third Prize


Fourth Prize


Fifth Prize





All winnings are paid out cash since this is an annual lottery game.  

When to play


The El Gordo Navidad Lottery is an annual lottery draw that has been taking place for more than 200 years. The first draw took place in 1812 and occurs on 22 December every year, with onlie entry quick and easy with Lotto247.com. The draw occurs at a predetermined location in Madrid, Spain each year.