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The history of Lotto6aus49


Commonly known as the ‘German Lotto’, this popular lottery game is based in Europe with its roots firmly entrenched in Germany. A brief history on this lottery is that it was first played in 1955 and later joined the Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB) in 1974.

The German Lotto has gained a sleek reputation of being the most popular lotto game in Germany, due to its straight-forward and simple game play, nine prize tiers and impressive jackpot prizes; not to mention the annual payout of over €5 billion in prizes!


How the Lotto6aus49 works


This lotto uses the 6/49 draw format with a bonus ball draw as well – players need to select 6 main numbers out of a range of numbered 1-49 balls. The German Lotto is holds draws twice a week.

Once the main draw is done, a separate draw is conducted for the ‘bonus ball’ known ‘Superzahl’ from a separate numbered 0-9 range of balls.

A jackpot is achieved once a player matches all six numbers and the Superzahl number (which gets selected by the player via the Play Block). A Superzahl match increases a player’s chance of a placing, or winning, in as many as nine of the game’s prize tiers. 

To qualify for the lowest prize tier placement, a minimum match of two correct numbers as well as the correct Superzahl number is required.


The German Lotto’s jackpots and rollovers


The biggest jackpot win ever recorded in the German Lotto has been a colossal €45,382,458 won by three lucky winning ticket holders in December 2007. The biggest single jackpot win was awarded in October 2006 and consisted of an astounding €37,688,292!

Lotto 6aus49 offers a guaranteed minimum mid-week jackpot prize of €1,000,000 as well as double that (€2,000,000) for the weekend lucky draws. It employs a rollover cap which allows unclaimed jackpot prizes to continuously rollover for a total of thirteen times.

If the draws reveal no winner by the time it reaches €45 million, the jackpot is automatically forfeited by the top prize tier and is then evenly distributed among players from the lower prize tiers.


How to play


  • Choose 6 out of a possible 49 numbers
  • The “Superzahl” is randomly drawn from a possible 9 numbers To win the jackpot, you need to match all 6 numbers plus the Superzahl.


When to play


  • Wednesday and Saturday at 18:25  (CET)