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People Who Won the Food Lottery

You’ve heard of the Powerball lottery, FranceLoto and every lottery in between, but have you ever heard of the phrase ‘food lottery’? Basically, the food lottery is when you luckily stumble upon an extra special food item that gives you a little bit more than you were expecting.

Food Fit for the Rich, Powerful and Lotto Winners!

What is the most expensive food you can buy and why is it so expensive? We are going to count down 5 of the most expensive foods in the world and try to answer these questions. Unless you’re a billionaire or a lotto winner, you probably won’t get to try these anytime soon, but you never know what the future, why not make a foodie bucket list right now?!

Best Lottery Adverts on TV

Lottery draws and ceremonies are some of the biggest events that happen live, with millions of players across the globe watching them. With so many eyes on international lottery at all times, it’s no wonder that they think out of the box when it comes to marketing. Every year, more and more lotteries are opening themselves up to international markets through retailers like us, so they have to do something exciting to stand putting out a memorable television advertisement!