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El Gordo de Navidad, it’s live!

At Lotto247, there are so many chances to play and win massive sums of money. Amongst the options, there’s one that stands out every year; El Gordo de Navidad. This Spanish raffle is unique because it happens every year and poses one of the biggest prize pools of any other game out there.

Lotto247’s year is going great! How about yours?

Lotto247 is having a most exciting 2019! Countless promotions have been run, which has allowed many players to improve their chances of winning and enjoy the incredible lotteries and games on our website. So, it’s time to look back and see all the fantastic promotions and competitions that Lotto247 has already run this year - as well as a peek into what the future holds for new & existing players!

Powerball, the one ball to rule them all...

One of the largest games in the lottery world is Powerball. Millions of people eagerly buy their tickets in the hopes that they can buy into the American experience. They pick their lucky numbers for the draw with the dream of winning a fortune that could change their life. There have been thousands of HUGE winners over the years, and these winners have inspired others to buy new tickets every week. The best bit? Anyone can win no matter who they are or where they live!

Lottery Balls … all about them

Lottery games are shrouded in mystery. When players go online to enter lottery draws, there’s no machines to watch or balls to see. There’s just the line to play and waiting for the numbers to appear. Even with online games being entered, a real lottery is still being played. There are specific balls for specific games, with some games having more than one machine and others having different ball weights and sets. Let’s find out more about it.

Why do lottery winners really go broke?

There are a very lucky set of people who become overnight millionaires when they win the lottery. People buy their tickets, cross their fingers and wait for the numbers. The thing is, before you start playing the lottery in your town, you need to know that money doesn't solve it all. If it did, there wouldn't be a selection of lottery winners out there who went broke - despite their vast windfalls of cash.

How to play the Lottery Online - An Illustrated Guide

Online lotteries have the power to transform your life and make all of your dreams come true. We know that you have a busy lifestyle. Between your responsibilities at work and your responsibilities at home, your time is shorter and more precious than ever. You don’t have time to trudge to your local store to pick up a lottery ticket. At Lotto247, short on time doesn’t mean short on opportunities to win big!