Top 9 US Powerball Facts

Here’s a quick guide to the lottery that players love so much.

Top 9 US Powerball Facts#1 - US stores who sell the winning ticket get a bonus

While those who play the lottery online have opted for convenience first and foremost, some people do still buy their Powerball tickets in store - and if a store sells a winning ticket, then the store receives a bonus of $25,000. Not bad for just selling something! 

#2 - Everyone has the same chance to win

Some US states tend to produce more Powerball winners than others, which can make it seem like the draw leans in their favour, but this is just statistical chance. If you play the US lottery online, you have just as much chance of winning as everyone else. Go ahead, play US Powerball online today. 

#3 - Winners haven’t won until they receive confirmation

It’s true; holding a ticket that looks like a winner doesn’t mean that a player is a winner - the ticket has to be verified and confirmed before there are discussions around funds being released, so players should keep the champagne on ice if their numbers do come up.

#4 - Fake tickets equal criminal charges

In some US states, trying to cash a fake lottery ticket can literally lead to a criminal conviction.

#5 - The jackpot rolls over

Often, the jackpot of the Powerball rolls over to an incredible amount of money, and that’s all thanks to no one winning it. Odd as it may sound, a lack of winners is actually good news for players, as it means their potential win will just keep climbing until a lucky player finally scoops the huge prize.

Top 9 US Powerball Facts#6 - The lottery organisers know if a winning ticket has been sold

The lottery organisers could well know before the player even does thanks to centralised data collection. They don’t know who has won, of course, but they know within moments of the draw if there’s a winning ticket out there.

#7 - Some players have to make a decision at the time of purchase

The “annuity or cash” choice is a big one, and it’s one that players in some US states have to make before the draw has actually taken place. That’s a pretty big call to make when players don’t even know what they have won, but those are the rules.

#8 - The annuity option lasts for nearly 30 years

If players do choose the annuity option for their jackpot, they will receive their winnings in 30 separate payments spread over 29 years in total, so players who choose this option really are playing a very long game.

#9 - Time is money

If players suspect they have won, they only have 180 days to claim their prize; that’s nearly six months, but some players do miss the cut off. This is something online lottery players don’t have to worry about! We will notify you on any winnings you have in your account!

Now that you know more about this lottery, are you ready to play US Powerball online today? Start winning today.

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