Keno 12 vs Rajshree Lottery: what's the difference?

For those with no time to waste on suspense, the prospect of a game that allows for instant winnings is all too tempting. Here, we’re going to look at two instant win games, Keno 12 and the Rajshree Lottery. What are they and have you heard of them?

Keno 12 vs Rajshree Lottery: what's the difference? Keno 12

This game is like a lottery that involves picking twelve numbers from a Keno card that has the numbers 1 to 80. 20 balls are picked at random and displayed on your screen. If the numbers you picked match the balls, you win. The more numbers you match, the higher your winnings. Different games offer different pay-outs, and rather than paying a standard ticket price, you can make wagers of different sizes to increase your winnings. In essence, you determine how much you could win and how often you play. Ready to give it a try? Play Keno here. 

Rajshree Lottery

Unlike many other instant win and numbers games, the Rajshree Lottery is unique. That’s because only one winning number is picked out during the draw. Players pick five numbers between 00 and 99 and win if one of those five matches the winning number. As a result, the odds of winning are always 20/1. The jackpot may not be as large as other instant win games, but the Rajshree Lottery is drawn every fifteen minutes. If you hit a lucky streak, you can keep winning and winning and winning.

Keno 12 vs Rajshree Lottery: what's the difference? The benefits of instant win games

The fast-paced nature of instant win games appeals to plenty of players. You don’t have to wait too long for the results. What’s more, the odds for instant win games tend to be much better than longer paced number drawing games. The winnings may be smaller on average, but it’s still possible to win big if, for instance, you pick all twelve winning numbers in a game of Keno 12 or have a long winning streak in the Rajshree Lottery.

The appeal of both systems is that the results are instant, and games run constantly. Which you choose is all up to which odds and format you like best. 

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