The youngest lottery winners the world has seen

It’s easy to assume that most lottery winners are in their 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s, but there are plenty of more youthful victors out there. Here are some of the world’s youngest lottery winners and their incredible stories.

Sandeep Singh

This lottery winner’s story is definitely one for the grandchildren. In 2012, a store employee used his $4 scratchcard winnings to buy 4 tickets for the Mega Millions draw. One of those tickets turned out to be worth $30.5 million! Sandeep Singh, 22, shared the jackpot with one other winning ticket, taking home half of the $60.1 million prize. Sandeep had only been playing the lottery for a year when he won and owes his good fortune to his sister, who picked up the tickets for him while he was working. Sandeep gave a lot of his money to his family and also donated to charitable causes.

The youngest lottery winners the world has seenRobert Salo

New York native, Robert Salo, was just 18 years old when he bought a scratchcard at a gas station in Coney Island. Little did he know that the decision to spend $2 in that instant would make him rich for life. Salo, who was due to graduate from high school the following week, won $1,000,000 and chose the payout option of receiving $1,000 a week for the rest of his life.

Tracey Makin

At the age of 16, Belfast resident, Tracey Makin, entered the Lucky Dip lottery. The supermarket assistant first thought she had won €10, but it was later confirmed that she had scooped a jackpot of €1 million with just the third ticket she had ever bought. Tracey invested most of her money and now has an office job.

Emma Wildin

At the age of 29, Emma Wildin, a mother of two from England, became a lottery winner after scratching away the surface of an instant win card to reveal a million pound jackpot. Emma continued her studies, and she still likes to buy scratchcards and play the lottery online.

Callie Rogers

Callie Rogers hit the headlines in 2003 after becoming Britain’s youngest ever lottery winner. At the age of 16, Callie won the equivalent of $3 million on Euromillions.

The youngest lottery winners the world has seenJay Vargas

In 2007, Jay Vargas was working on a construction site when he won the Powerball jackpot. The 19-year-old won $35.5 million! After living the high life, Vargas decided to study personal finance to learn about investing and financial and asset management.

Kelsey Zachow

Kelsey Zachow, from Port Huron, Michigan, won a staggering $66.5 million jackpot at the age of 24. It took 10 days for Kelsey to look at the numbers, and she admitted that her purse was full of old tickets that she’d never checked. Kelsey said that there was a long line in the store when she went to see if her ticket was a lucky one, so she resorted to using her phone to check the numbers. When she saw that she matched every number in the bumper Mega Millions draw, she couldn’t believe her eyes and was completely speechless.

These stories show that anyone can win big on the lottery! Kelsey had a great idea when she skipped the long lines in store and used her phone to check the winning numbers. You can get the same convenience when you play the lottery online, try it for yourself. Play now!

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