Buying a soccer stadium in Russia and other ways to spend millions!

The FIFA World Cup is currently taking place in Russia and has provided tonnes of undiluted drama on the pitch while the Eastern European giant has embraced the world’s spotlight to paint itself in an immensely favorable light.

When combined with the home team’s performances on the pitch, this has already been a major success for Russia. However, its legacy isn’t all about the memories. The 12 stadiums used to host matches throughout the event will stay long after the final whistle is blown, and will be the true reflection of how productive the tournament has been.

They all look amazing, but they certainly weren’t cheap...

The Average Cost Of A FIFA 2018 World Cup Stadium Revealed

The Average Cost Of A FIFA 2018 World Cup Stadium RevealedThe 12 stadiums used for the FIFA World Cup in Russia are a combination of newly designed arenas and heavily revamped structures. Even the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, which was originally built in 1956, received a significant facelift in the years leading up to the event.

A €185m upgrade on the Ekaterinburg Arena was the cheapest project while the Saint Petersburg Stadium, which was hit by an eight-year delay, is believed to have cost a whopping €859m. If those reports are true, it is the most expensive soccer stadium on the planet.

Even when dismissing that anomaly, the average cost of a 2018 FIFA World Cup stadium sits at €298m. Despite the revenue that the tournament generates, as well as the long-term rewards, it’s no wonder they now call soccer the billionaire’s playground.

Still, you can’t put a price on the magic of a World Cup.

What Else Could You Buy For €298m?

For the average cost of a FIFA World Cup stadium, you could buy a host of other items. How about some of these?

An MLS Franchise:

According to a Forbes article in 2017, that €298m outweighs the value of any single MLS franchise. LA Galaxy was valued at €270m while Columbus Crew were ranked lowest at €270m. Even with the league’s continued growth and the introduction of new teams, you could easily buy an American soccer stadium along with the team to play in it!

A 122-metre Yacht:

A 122-metre Yacht:The 400-ft Motor Yacht A boasts one of the most uniquely sublime designs of any vessel on the planet. While it still doesn’t break into the top five most expensive boats in existence, it houses a helicopter hanger as well as 2230 m² interior. Oh, and you’d even have enough money left over to buy a private island.

Or 64.71 Million Big Macs:

Yep. Using the average cost of €2.30, you could have over 3,500 Big Macs per day for the next 50 years. And they’d still probably want to charge extra for the ketchup...

Make Those Dreams A Reality

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