Self-pick vs quick pick, is there really a science to choosing your lottery numbers?

If you’ve ever wanted to know which numbers will get you those millions you’re always seeing in jackpots, then you’ve come to the right place.

Some lottery players enjoy self-picks where they can base their picks on numbers they consider to be lucky; anniversary dates, birth dates or maybe that special day they turned 18 years-old and finally had a shot at winning a jackpot. Then there’s the other favourite, quick-pick, which allows players to close their eyes and let the system do all the work. Ready to find out if there really is a science to selecting winning lottery numbers? Let’s take a look at what they are and how they really work.

Self-pick: the prosSelf-pick: the pros

Selecting the numbers you’d like to play is the most traditional way to play any lottery. It’s about more than knowing the numbers you carefully selected could possibly earn you millions. It’s about the memories they evoke like going to vendors with friends and standing in queues to eventually get a ticket. It’s about the personal experience and memories.

Self-picks are also fun. It’s all in the guessing game, will the date of your wedding day or birthday be played? Decisions, decisions.

Self-picks: the cons

By now you know that lottery players look to important dates when they need to pick their lucky numbers. A major drawback with this plan is that a calendar goes up to 31 days but lottery numbers go all the way up to 69.

According to statistics, every person has a 1/365 chance of sharing their birthday with the rest of the Earth’s population. If you’re pulling out the calculator to help you with those stats, this is the breakdown; if the world has a population of 7 billion people, you would share a birthday with 19 million people. If a quarter of those people are playing the lottery and playing their birthdates, you would still share the winning numbers, and prize, with close to a thousand people. Time to change things up? We agree!

Self-picks: a number strategy

If you’d like to keep those millions to yourself, then we’re sure you’re looking for a different way to pick your lottery numbers.

Another way to pick your numbers would be to look at past draws and the numbers that did, or did not, appear in the winning sequence. This particular strategy looks at hot, cold and due numbers to predict which numbers will be chosen in the future. If you’re interested in getting the inside scoop on this number strategy, then you can have a look at how to pick lottery numbers and other tips here.

Quick picks: how does it really work?Quick picks: how does it really work?

Quick picks are one of the many perks of playing the lottery online. Remember when you were about to leave your house but couldn't remember where you put your car keys? Oh yeah, those blank moments happen to the best of us. If you ever experience one of these moments when you need to pick lottery numbers, then quick-picks will give you have a helping hand.

These numbers are automatically system generated and completely random. Imagine the great winners story you’ll have one day. It took you 1 minute to pick lottery numbers that would leave you with millions to spend for the rest of your life.

Self-picks or quick picks? Which number strategy will you use?

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