Football star, Xavier Hernández Creus, is also a lottery winner

A successful career as a midfielder is only one of Xavier’s titles, he can now add lottery winner to the list.

Football stars are celebs in the sporting industry; from fast cars to the glamorous nightlife and massive salaries that players earn, soccer players are already living the dream. Can you imagine a soccer player entering the lottery? Most of the world couldn’t imagine it either until soccer legend Xavier Hernández Creus walked away with a check! So how did it happen and what made him play?

Football star, Xavier Hernández Creus, is also a lottery winner

The football star who turned into a lottery winner

Xavier Hernández Creus, aka Xavi, is best known for his successful career as a midfielder for Spain and Barcelona. With a World Cup, two European Championships, four Champions League trophies and a Sheikh Jassim Cup under his belt, Xavi is a household name to many soccer lovers.

After winning a domestic treble, Xavi left Barcelona to travel East where he joined the Qatari club, Al Sadd. This was the stepping stone to Xavi becoming a millionaire.

How Xavi won €229 000How Xavi won €229 000

A year after moving East, Xavi opened an account with Doha Bank on the 5th of December 2016. He explained that he was inspired by how “Doha Bank encourages their customers to save money, while getting a chance to become millionaires, as well as the opportunity to win other cash prizes.”

Xavi also admits to investing “with the Al Dana Savings program, aiming to win the QAR 1 Million." Much like his successful soccer career, he has always had his eye on the big prize!

Finding out that he won the lottery

Much like the rest of the world, Xavi couldn’t believe that he won either. While he was hopeful, Xavi wasn’t keeping an eye out for any results. So he was completely shocked when he was informed of his QAR 1 Million win!

"Winning the cash prize was an unexpected but welcome surprise", said Xavi. We agree!

You might not be the next midfielder for Spain or Barcelona, but you could win instant cash just like Xavi did! Play Keno to win in minutes!

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