From medical clerk to millionaire

Powerball jackpots have changed many lives around the world, and it’s not about to stop doing that anytime soon. There are some stories that stand out and make the world sit up and take note. 53-year-old Powerball winner, Mavis Wancyk, has one of those exciting stories.

From medical clerk to millionaireThe jackpot prize

When the Powerball jackpot reached one of its highest totals in lottery history and sat at $758.7 million in August 2017, players believed that there would be multiple winning tickets for the prize. But then, Powerball went and broke a record for highest jackpot won with a single ticket and one person walked away with hundreds of millions. Let’s meet the woman who broke the record and is now a multimillionaire.

Her life before the millions

Mavis Wanczyk spent 32 years working as a clerk at Mercy Medical Center in the nursing department. She dedicated her life to her career and helping others and a career change wasn’t really on her radar.

On the night of the draw, as Mavis was leaving work, she joked with a firefighter that she didn’t feel as lucky as she hoped she would on the big night. She jokingly said that the jackpot winner was “never going to be me. It’s just a pipe dream that I’ve always had”, she confessed.

Becoming a millionaire

To prove that she really wasn’t feeling lucky about becoming a millionaire, Mavis didn’t check the winning numbers after the big draw, or even the next day. It was actually during a conversation with a colleague that Mavis heard the winning Powerball numbers - numbers that perfectly matched hers!

It was easy for Mavis to remember the numbers she had picked because they were based on birthdays and her lucky number in Keno - number four. Turns out, these numbers weren’t only important to Mavis, but they were lucky too.

Her new life

During a press conference, Mavis explained that once she realised she was now a millionaire, she called Mercy Medical Center and “told them I will not be coming back”. With her instant financial freedom, she had no reason to keep working.

At the time of winning, Mavis didn’t have a plan regarding what she would do next or how she would spend her money, but she did know that the first thing she wanted to do was sit back and relax. She even added that “I want to just be me and be alone”.

Mavis later joked on Facebook that she needed a vacation, and “by vacation, I mean I need to move away and find a new job. On a beach. With rum.”

While she didn’t know what she would do immediately after winning the lottery, Mavis decided to take the lump sum payout option instead of monthly instalments. She would then receive $480 million and walk away with $336 million after tax - a life-changing amount that many can only dream of.

In addition to becoming an instant millionaire, Mavis also joined the top 0.01% of individuals in the United States who have more than $100 million!

Well done and congratulations Mavis!

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Posted by Anuj (9/05/2020)

How to win jackpot please tell me if i won the jackpot i give you20% amount of woning

Posted by Vinaykumar (9/05/2020)

congratulations Mavis! MAM

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