Meet the homeless people who are now lottery winners

These people went from rags to riches, literally!

There are three things lottery players can tell you about their favourite lottery; the current jackpot amount, the numbers they’ve picked and the latest jackpot winner. If there’s anything lottery players tend to remember, it’s usually those three things, and who can blame them? Someone has to win the jackpot and because every number sequence has an equal chance of winning the jackpot, everyone stands a chance of becoming a millionaire. The best lottery winner stories are the most unexpected ones, they’re the ones that shock you and make you do a double take. Here are three people who went from homeless to millionaire thanks to lotteries.

Laszlo Andraschek spends his last bucks on a lottery ticket

Laszlo Andraschek spends his last bucks on a lottery ticketAt 55 years old, homeless in Hungary was the last thing Andraschek imagined would happen to him. Like many stories of those living on the streets, the combination of debt and unemployment left him with no roof over his head. This didn’t stop Andraschek from having hope in his heart. While in Budapest for an alcoholics workshop in 2013, Andraschek used his last pennies to buy a lottery ticket.

With 630 million Hungarian forint (approximately £1.7 million) in his bank account now, Andraschek has completely turned his life around and is now one of Hungary’s biggest lottery winners. Andraschek tried keeping his massive win to himself, but it became public knowledge when a large donation was made to a homeless shelter and newspapers found out about it. Despite being a recovering alcoholic, Andraschek is determined to be money-wise by paying off his debt then treating himself to a vacation to Italy. This sounds like a great way to start his new life!


Lottery win makes homeless man realise he actually had money

For various reasons people around the world find themselves without a roof over their head, but it usually comes down to money, money, money.

In 1989 a homeless man in France won 70,000 francs! This was life-changing for him at the time, but the real shocker was yet to come. When he went in to claim his prize, lottery officials informed him that he needed a bank account in order to receive the money. Remembering an old account he once used, he informed officials about it and they struck gold! The bank system found that the account already had 200,000 francs in it which was double the amount of his lottery win. Turns out the poor guy forgot about it years ago.

Scratch card winner spoils himself with a new tent

Scratch card winner spoils himself with a new tentYou’ve heard the stories of lottery winners and their crazy lives, but here’s one story that shocked our socks off!

Dennis Mahurin from Illinois has been living in a tent since 1978, and when he became a lottery winner, not much changed. With a scratch card that he scratched right there in his tent, Mahurin was the winner of $50,000. Instead of buying a mansion, Mahurin simply upgraded his current living conditions to a nicer tent! Besides the accommodation improvements, Mahurin planned on visiting his son and getting some dental work done too.

His new lottery winner status wouldn’t make Mahurin forget about the people he was living with, so Mahurin decided that he would “give them each $100” (£75). He even joked that he planned on keeping some aside for his “new friends” that would suddenly start popping up once he made the news.

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