These lucky charms will help you win the lottery

Ever wondered why Lady Luck hasn’t visited your doorstep yet? Maybe she needs a break, so why not try these lucky charms instead. Today we’re talking about everything from popular lucky charms to the lesser known symbols. Let’s see if you can find your local lucky charm on the list.

These lucky charms will help you win the lottery

What is a lucky charm?

It’s anything really. Lucky charms can be tiny items found in nature to man-made trinkets worn as pieces of jewellery.

The four-leaf clover

The four-leaf cloverOrigins: Ireland

The four-leaf clover is a famous lucky charm and popular symbol of luck. Whether you’ve seen it in a movie or in a ‘good luck’ message from a friend, chances are you’re familiar with their green petals. But luck isn’t the only thing they symbolize, did you know they’re also common symbols for faith, hope and love!

But it wasn’t the big screen that turned these pretty petals into a sign of good luck, the real reason actually dates back all the way to 1877. An 11-year-old girl wrote to St. Nicholas Magazine asking “Did the fairies ever whisper in your ear, that a four-leaf clover brought good luck to the finder?”. Her words in that letter sparked the idea that these plants bring us luck and it stuck until today!

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A Rabbit's Foot

Origins: 600BC Europe

If you’re a fan of popular series like Vikings or Game of Thrones, you might spot characters sporting a rabbit’s foot on their belt or bag. Now you’re about to find out where this comes from! According to ancient Celtic folklore, a rabbit’s foot is considered lucky because they live in deep underground burrows. Why would their homes matter? Celtics believed that their deep homes also meant they were closer to the spirits in the underground and ultimately the gods. Who needs Lady Luck when you have Zeus himself on your side?

A Nazar amulet

A Nazar amuletOrigins: Turkey

Ever heard the phrase “if looks could kill”? It turns out this phrase is all the way from Middle Eastern countries like Turkey and their surrounding areas.

These areas are firm believers in the ‘evil eye’ where curses are projected from a jealous or malevolent look. According to this Middle Eastern superstition, the Nazar and its eye-shaped amulet is intended to look like an unblinking eye that offers protection to anyone giving you mysterious looks.


Origins: Germany and Belgium

Ladybugs are loved in many countries, but Germany and Belgium believe they are particularly lucky. In German, they’re even called Glueckskaefer, which translates to ‘lucky bugs’. In Belgium, they believe that these tiny insects can predict when you’ll get married! It’s believed that if a ladybug crawls across a woman’s hand she’ll be destined to be married soon. European legend isn’t too far from Belgium’s, as they believe that if a woman and man spot a ladybug together, they’ll fall in love. If you’re looking for ‘the one’, maybe it’s time to seek out some ladybugs!

Whether your lucky charm is the rabbit’s foot or the four-leaf clover, the trick to becoming a millionaire is playing the lottery. Grab your lucky charm and get playing now!

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I'm getting some lucky charms today!

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