Lotto247 Player Becomes Mega Sena Winner

Taking home a big lottery prize is a dream for many and the goal for all of those who play their lucky numbers. And this Lotto247 player has achieved that goal and is now a Mega Sena winner! Round of applause please!

Lotto247 Player Becomes Mega Sena Winner

How Mega Sena Works

Mega Sena is one of the simplest lotteries to play and has some of the best chances to win. With just one set of numbers ranging from 1 to 60, players must choose the 6 lucky numbers that they think will be drawn and will make them a millionaire.

Mega Sena has a total of 3 prize tiers. The Seine, or main prize, where players need to match all 6 numbers. The second tier is known as Quina, here players need to match 5 of the 6 numbers drawn. And lastly, we have Quadra, which is the third and final tier where players need to match 4 of the 6 numbers drawn.

In all the tiers, the jackpot is divided by the number of winners of the prize. The following is the percentage that is allocated for each prize tier of the total amount collected:

  • 35% is divided among the Seine winners
  • 19% is divided among the Quina winners
  • 19% is divided among the Quadra winners

The value announced by the lottery for the Sena prize is already equivalent to 35% of the collection. Taxes and fees are deducted before jackpot amounts are announced and the amount you see is what you walk away with if you win.

What are the chances of winning the Mega Sena jackpot?

What are the chances of winning the Mega Sena jackpot?

Each of the Mega Sena prize tiers has different odds of being won. This is what your chances look like:

  • Sena: 1 out of 50,063,860
  • Quina: 1 out of 154.518
  • Quadra: 1 out of 2.332

Pretty great right!

Becoming a Mega Sena winner

In the Mega Sena draw on March 14, 2018, one of Lotto247's players chose the right numbers to bring home the grand prize. A native from Georgia hit 5 of the 6 numbers drawn by Mega Sena.

In the Mega Sena draw, contest 2022, on March 14, 2018 the following numbers were drawn: 04, 28, 45, 48, 52 and 60.

Noone hit the 6 numbers drawn but a total of 79 bets hit Quina (5 numbers). Each winner took home R$ 47,183.15 (€ 11,753.32), including the winner of Lotto247!

Becoming a Mega Sena winner

For this draw in particular, the winner made a total of 12 bets. The winning bet had the following numbers: 04, 25, 28, 45, 48, 52.

The only number he missed was the number 25. If he had chosen the number 60 he would have made 6 million reals, this equates to a whopping 1,434 million euros!

Good fortune is showering Lotto247 players with lotto luck, and just waiting to turn someone into a millionaire! And our Norwegian winner from last year would agree with us! You can click here to check it out!

So don’t wait too long to get your hands on that Mega Sena jackpot, lotto luck is already waiting for you, play today!

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