Powerball Plus; jackpot amounts giving everyone whiplash

$489 million!

We bet that number made you do a double-take! Now imagine seeing that number every week on our play pages. That’s right, players have been streaming onto Lotto247 to play the new lottery taking the industry by storm. Allow us to introduce you to Powerball Plus.

If you haven’t played yet this new-comer that’s alright, because you have time. As one of the official Powerball Plus partners, Lotto247 members can enjoy exclusive access to this life-changer of a jackpot.

So what is Powerball Plus?

So what is Powerball Plus?Powerball Plus is like the original lottery you’ve come to love, it’s just supersized. Powerball Plus is like ordering a single burger but walking away with double patties, extra cheese, large fries and a milkshake of your choice. It’s massive! It’s upsized. It’s Powerball Plus!

If you asked any Lotto247 player to name the online money maker, they would say Powerball. Things have quickly changed, if you asked Lotto247 players the same question today, they’d say Powerball Plus!

How do you get your hands on those millions?

If you’ve ever played Powerball, then you’ll know exactly how to enter to win Powerball Plus. Like the other lotteries you’ve come to know on Lotto247, playing this one is no different - it’s just as simple.

Log into your Lotto247 account, click on the Powerball Plus play block and enter to win. All done, you’re now one step closer to becoming a winner.

Like most of the top lotteries around the world, Powerball Plus uses two machines to draw two sets of numbers; white numbers and the powerball. When you enter to win, you need to pick 5 white numbers from a possible 69 and 1 red powerball from a possible 26.

Are you waiting for us to throw a spanner in the works? Are you waiting for the catch? There really isn’t one, but there is a plot twist.

How do you get your hands on those millions?Powerball Plus winning numbers are based on the Powerball winning numbers!

Wait what? Yup, the numbers that Powerball draws will be the same numbers that Powerball Plus draws. So if you entered to win Powerball Plus, and your numbers match the Powerball winning numbers, then you’re a winner! Except you’ll be walking away with much much more. But remember, you need to have entered Powerball Plus.

When can you become a winner?

When Powerball Plus was first launched, players from around the world assumed that the lottery was a Superdraw, but these life-changing amounts are not once-off. They’re ready to be won weekly!

As Powerball Plus winning numbers are based on Powerball winning numbers, draw days are every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Where can you play?

Stick to official Powerball Plus partners, like Lotto247. Make sure that you’re playing the real deal at all times. Playing with Lotto247 is like getting a 100% A-grade beef patty on your burger - it’s no imitation. Plus your winnings are guaranteed.

Ready for the burger, the upsized fries and the milkshake of your choice? Then get playing the game that‘s giving away weekly supersized jackpots. Play Powerball Plus today.

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