We’ve got the answers you’ve been waiting for!

We’ve heard your questions and we’re here to address them!

We’ve got the answers you’ve been waiting for!

From frequent players to new members, questions are always flooding in. Whether players want to know more about how to pay for entries or how they can play their favourite game, we’ve picked out the top 4 frequently asked questions to answer here today.

Question: How can I play?

Answer: Lotto247 wants to give all players the best playing experience they could possibly have, that’s why playing on Lotto247 is fun, exciting and very simple.

Step 1: register an account by clicking the Create an Account button on our homepage. Fill in the pop-up and you’re all done, you’re now a Lotto247 member!

Step 2: now click the lottery you’d like to enter to win

Step 3: pick your winning digits. Here you can select your own numbers or click Quick Pick for some surprises

Step 4: now that you have your numbers, click ADD TO CART and then CHECKOUT

Step 5: are you feeling excited about those numbers you’ve selected? Then CONTINUE TO PAYMENT and you’re entered!

What now? As a Lotto247 member you’ll be notified on draw days about all winning numbers and any winnings you might have. We suggest playing one of our Instant Win Games in the meantime, you could win millions in the process!

How can you play on Lotto247?

Question: How do I pay?

Answer: Like Pitbull said, “I got, I got, I got, I got options”, and so do all our players when it comes to paying. Depending on personal preference, you can pay using a card, EFT, eWallets, Pre-pay or Post-pay. Your location and bank will influence which options are available to you, or have a look at the available list here. 

Question: Vouchers? How do I use them?

Answer: vouchers are like free access passes at an amusement park. On Lotto247, vouchers allow players to enter lotteries at no cost at all. These golden tickets can be earned by participating in various promotions like the Welcome Offer and other promotional deals that are run through the year.

Step 1: log into your Lotto247 account and select Balance to view any vouchers you have available.

Step 2: head over to Play Now and select the lottery that applies to your voucher (e.g. choose USA Powerball if you have a voucher for USA Powerball)

Step 3: pick the numbers you think will win and click Add to cart

Step 4: Keep scrolling to view your selected numbers in the cart summary and select Checkout

Step 5: In Order Summary click the Use Vouchers dropdown and select Yes

Step 6: Complete purchase and you’ve just entered to win millions for free!

All done! Still want to learn more about vouchers and what they are? Head over to our article on decoding your account balance and explaining what everything really means.

Question: I’m a winner! What now, how do I get my winnings from Lotto247?

Answer: Congratulations! Dinner on you tonight?

I’m a winner! What now, how do I get my winnings from Lotto247?

Forget about searching online to find the winning numbers, for every draw you enter, we’ll send you an email listing all the winning numbers and informing you if you’re a winner.

If you are a winner, winnings will automatically be added to your Balance under Unclaimed Winnings and Vouchers. Click Claim Winnings and select from your available options:

  • Top up your balance
  • Donating to one of our supported charities
  • Request a cash withdrawal of your winnings

If you win €200 or more, one of our Customer Support Agents will call to personally congratulate you on the win! Yay!

Do you have a question you’d like answered? Comment below and the Lotto247.com Team will get right to it.

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