5 reasons we love online lotteries

It’s the month of love so it’s only fair that we explore why we love online lotteries so much.

You love sushi because you enjoy the unique flavours on your palate. Perhaps you love country music because it makes you feel good early in the morning. Some of us like red wine at the end of the day to help us unwind. We all love different things for different reasons. But why do you love online lotteries? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

  1. The world is your oyster
  2. When you play online lotteries, this isn’t just a cliche you get to say, this is actually your life. It’s impossible to hop on a plane to buy lottery tickets in every country, so your next best option is to play online. By playing online, you’re not only limited to your national lottery and the jackpot it has to offer, but you can access various international lotteries or pick the jackpot you’d like to play for.

  3. No queues
  4. Queues? No thank you! No one enjoys long lines that take time out of your busy day. It’s the 21 Century and we like to enjoy that 21st century life; technology, convenience and constant improvements. With online lotteries, you never have to leave your couch or change that yoga pose. All you need to do is unlock your smart device to play.

    no queues

  5. Never lose a ticket
  6. According to CNN Money, there are billions of dollars from lottery jackpots that are still unclaimed. And yes, there could be a host of other reasons that these prizes are unclaimed, but missing lottery tickets play a major part. Like most winners, you play in the hopes of winning, but not with absolute certainty that you will win. So you throw away your ticket or misplace the paper, and your numbers are drawn. Then what? Unfortunately, without the ticket you cannot claim your prize. This doesn’t happen with online gaming. Everything is electronic and can be tracked, so say goodbye to ever losing a ticket again.

  7. Never miss a special offer
  8. Missing one trip to your local ticket vendor means you also miss that poster promoting a great deal on tickets or a Superdraw. Snap! With online lotteries this never happens. At Lotto247.com we pride ourselves in communicating with all our players. New ticket promo coming up? Players receive an sms! Once-off Superdraw happening soon? We’ll email you reminders! With online lotteries, you never miss an opportunity to maximise your playing potential because we do the work for you. All you need to do is pick some numbers.

    Never miss a special offer

  9. Stick to your budget
  10. Budget. Budget. Budget. Can’t remember how many lotteries you played or how many tickets you bought? Oh no! Now what? With Lotto247.com you’ll never have this issue. Online lotteries gives you the opportunity the track your spend and manage your online account. #winning

    With all these benefits and more, why would you not play online? Say goodbye to your vendor and hello to online lotteries today. Say hello to Lotto247.com!

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