Celebrating Mega Sena this Carnival Day!

Exotic dancers, flamboyant costumes and breathtaking floats, this what comes to mind when you think of Carnival Day in Brazil. Streets are turned into all-day long parties with crowds of people dancing along to Samba music.

Carnival is unlike any other festival we’ve ever seen, and we’re sure the rest of the world would agree. While Brazil puts on its party hat and starts its celebrations, we’re celebrating the biggest lottery in the country and Mega Sena’s most loved winner. Let’s get moving!

carnival day brazil

Mega Sena, a trip through time

Since 1996, The Caixa Economica Federal Bank has operated Mega Sena and facilitated channelling a part of the lottery’s revenue towards social and cultural advancement programs. Over the years, Mega Sena has established itself as the country’s biggest and most popular lottery. To show that they really are the biggest and best, in 2015 a single lottery winner from Brasília walked away with R$205 million - the highest payout in Mega Sena history.

Mega Sena then

In the past, double-digit numbers were drawn by combining two balls from two separate spinning cages. The first cage contained balls numbered 0-5 and the second contained numbers from 0-9. When two balls were combined, they would form numbers ranging from 0-60. This process would then be repeated until 6 unique double-digit numbers were drawn.

Mega Sena now

Over the years, the game has changed, making it easier to understand and easy to play. Balls are now selected from a single spinning globe and the value of prizes are based on a tier system.

This major lotto also has its own spinoff - Mega Sena Da Virada. Every New Year’s Eve a special draw is held giving away a massive jackpot. Throughout the year Mega Sena draws are held, and a percentage of each jackpot goes towards the Mega Sena Da Virada jackpot. You might have to wait a year for each Mega Sena Da Virada draw, but the jackpots are worth it!

The favourite winner

As a civil worker in Brasília, Roberto Kuppê lived a simple life. In 2007 Roberto and his family were living in a small apartment. While their rent and some bills were behind, he had no intention of playing the lottery.

Over the course of two days, Roberto found lottery tickets stuck to the windshield of his car. He didn’t take much note of it the first day, but on the second day he decided to to take his chances. And what a great decision!

With R$53 in his wallet he used R$3 to play the lottery and asked the lottery store clerk to pick his numbers for him - he liked surprises. When the winning numbers were released Roberto won R$2, 700! That was enough to pay his outstanding rent, water, light and telephone bill. Plus he had R$14 left.

With R$14 in his wallet, he decided to invest it; into Mega Sena! With the jackpot sitting at R$19 million, Roberto was very excited to see the winning numbers. As soon as the results were released, he checked the results online and instantly knew that he had won. With his family sleeping in the next room, Roberto found his ticket to confirm his suspicion and he was right!

After walking away as a millionaire, Roberto not only settled all his debts, but he also gave back to the community by building a shelter and funding various educational projects.

Roberto won not only once, but twice! Mega Sena has cemented itself as a favourite among locals, but it’s stories like this that really makes us love it! Why not take your chances now and play Mega Sena today!

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