Have you heard about lottery syndicates and their advantages?

Quick! Think of the three things you’d love to buy right now! A mansion? A jet? Maybe an entire new wardrobe? What if we told you buying all this and more could become your reality. All you need to do is become a millionaire. Have you heard about lottery syndicates and their advantages?

Sounds easy right? Well, what if it could be? Take your lottery experience to the next level with lotto syndicates. What are they? Simply put, they increase your chances of winning big and getting what you want most out of life. Ready to find out more? Let’s get right to it!

Different ways of playing the lottery

If you asked most people, they would say there is only one way to play the lottery; one person buys their own tickets and waits until draw day to know the winning numbers. This might be correct, but there’s another way of playing; they’re called lottery syndicates.

What are lottery syndicates?

What are lottery syndicates?

Lottery syndicates comprise of a group of individuals who want to invest in a lottery. Lottery ticket costs are split among the group, if the group holds the winning numbers, the jackpot winnings would be split too. The thinking behind a lottery syndicate is that more people result in more money to buy tickets, and more tickets then mean a higher chance of drawing the winning numbers.

Let’s take a look at this even further. You and 7 friends decide to form your very own syndicate and each friend contributes €3 towards a draw. Now, instead of only having 1 set of numbers in a draw, you have 8. Your entries have increased and so did your odds of winning a jackpot prize.



Are there advantages to lottery syndicates?

The simple answer? Yes there are:

  • The moment you combine your resources, you increase your odds of winning a jackpot. Like the example previously mentioned, instead of only having 1 entry in the draw, you now have 8.
  • You’ll be paying less for entering more sets of number. If one entry costs €3, you’ll still spend €3 but you’ll have a stake in 8 entries.
  • You rarely lose. If you don’t win a major jackpot, you have a high chance of winning one of the lower tier prizes. At the end of it all, you’ll walk away with something!

Lottery syndicates around the world are known for winning. Why? Like our advantages mention, more entries result in a higher chance of winning. More and more lotto players are coming together to increase their odds. Why not join in?

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