Did you know these celebs play the lottery?

Mansions. Expensive cars. Private chefs. Celebs might not have that much in common with us everyday people, but the one thing that’s loved worldwide is the lottery.

Walt Disney once said, “if you can dream it, you can do it” and that applies to every single person. We all have dreams we’d like to achieve, places we’d like to visit and charities we’d like to help, but a lot of our dreams need funding; and the easiest way to do it is by winning a lottery jackpot. Much like everyone who plays the lotto, celebs play for the fun of it and in the hopes of winning big. Here are a few celebs who try their luck from time to time.

  1. Simon Cowell

  2. simon cowell

    Simon Cowell might be one of the wealthiest men in showbizz, but that doesn’t stop him from hoping for the best and buying a few lottery tickets. In an interview he once hinted that he won a prize, but also said that he always ticks the no publicity box on tickets because he wants to keep any potential winnings out of the media. We wonder how Mr Cowell spent his jackpot, I guess we’ll never really know now.

  3. Hugh Jackman

  4. hugh jackman

    Many know him to be a true gentleman, but did you know he also loves traditions? While shooting Real Steal in 2011, he treated his crew to 500 US Lottery tickets and a year later he was still keeping the tradition alive. On the set for Les Misérables he spent a whopping £250 on tickets for the entire crew. Hugh Jackman believes this is a great way to motivate team building and help everyone bond during long set hours. Even someone as confident as Mr. Jackman can feel slightly awkward and nervous around new people. He once admitted to calling his team building exercise an ‘Australian tradition’ when it really isn’t.

  5. Paris Hilton

  6. paris hilton

    In 2008 this celeb shocked everyone when she was photographed buying 1500 SuperEnaLotto tickets. Not even this heiress could resist the tempting jackpots of the Italian lottery. She later said she planned on donating 10% of her lottery winnings to charities, but sadly for her, and those charities, she didn’t win big. Maybe next time?

  7. Madonna

  8. madonna

    Singer, songwriter, actress and now lottery winner. Much like her fellow celebs, Madonna bought SuperEnaLotto and SiVinceTutto tickets in the hopes of being struck by lady luck. And she was. Madonna walked away with an exciting €120,000 which she dedicated to help build schools in Malawi.

With so many exciting jackpots to choose from, celebs often chose the biggest jackpots to potentially win. It’s clear that not even the already rich and famous can resist exciting lotteries. Want to play the games you’re favourite celebs are enjoying? Pick, click and play the world’s biggest jackpots now.

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