Here’s why EL Nino should be your first raffle of 2018

Here’s why EL Nino should be your first raffle of 2018

Now you can be a winner too! 

Start 2018 as a winner. How? With one of the world’s biggest prize pools, El Nino’s prize fund of €700 million. Easy to play and even easier to win, El Nino is everything every player loves. Here’s why El Nino should be your first raffle of 2018.

It’s easy to become a winner?

Playing with El Nino means you’ll most likely become a winner. You have a 1 in 100, 000 chance of hitting the jackpot and a 1 in 3 chance of winning a secondary prize. Great odds right? Start playing now.

El Nino raffle guide at a glance:

Name translates to: ‘child’ or ‘little one’

Commonly referred to as: the “little brother” of the famous December lotto, El Gordo.

First draw: held in 1941. Later in 1966 El Nino officially became part of Loteria Nacional.

Date drawn: The draw was always held on January 5th, but since 2000 it is now held on January 6th.

Interesting fact: El Nino’s draw dates happens to coincide with Epiphany, the date that the Christian faith recognises as the day that the Three Wise Men visited Jesus.

How the El Nino raffle works

If you played El Gordo, its little brother will seem familiar. El Nino numbers range from 00000 to 99999, prizes are broken down into tiers and each tier contains different prize totals, much like the Spanish Christmas lottery.

EL Nino then has multiple copies of tickets. In total, there are 45 sets of tickets ranging from 00000 to 99999. Meaning that up to 45 people can potentially have the same ticket number.

How you’ll win with EL Nino

Each ticket comprises of 10 shares. When you buy 1 ticket, you buy 1 single share of that ticket, 1/10. This will cost you 1/10th of the usual ticket price and in turn, you will receive 1/10th of the prize.

Here’s our example:

A ticket wins the first prize. The player with a full ticket will win €2 million but a player with only a single share, 1/10th, will win 1/10 of the prize and walk away with €200, 000.

How to enter with Lotto247

Head over to play El Nino and we’ll assign you a ticket (or tickets) that will be entered into the draw.

If you’ve already entered to WIN with El Nino Why not start playing one of our instant win games in the meantime. Become a winner today with Keno, Bingo and Lotto Machine.

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