New year resolutions and how Powerball can make them happen.

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New year resolutions and how the Powerball can make them happen.

Every year most of us start the new year the same way; with some glitter in our hair, a glass of something in our hand and a good old fashion new year resolution. These resolutions usually sound the same; ‘sign up for gym’, ‘eat healthy’, ‘travel to new places’ and ‘discover a new hobby’, but how many of us actually see our resolutions through?

the start of the yearThe start of the year

According to the Huffington Post, only 8% of people see their resolutions through. It’s easy to feel inspired as the new year rolls around. In the beginning it’s all very exciting and you’re motivated. Though as time passes, everyday tasks start getting in the way. What once started as a motivating factor, is now the one thing that stands in your way. Going to gym in the morning now cuts into your morning sleep. Taking up a new hobby means you can’t watch your favourite series over the weekend, travel plans just seem too expensive to save up for and the list goes on and on.

Two months later

It’s easy to see why only 8% of us complete our new year resolutions. In the end, new year resolutions are hard to maintain. In a survey done by The Guardian, 66% of participants admitted to giving up on a new year resolution within 1 month or less. At some point in our life we’ve all been part of that number. We’re sure that a portion of that 66 % of people wouldn’t give up within a month if resolutions were easier. Easier to maintain and easier to accomplish.

How can you make your new year resolutions happen?

But what if there was another way? Just over one million people around the world are enjoying their new year resolutions every day of the year. They’re signing up for gym, sometimes even buying the gym, they’re travelling to new places, meeting new people and constantly discovering new hobbies.

Who are these people?

how can you make your new year resolutions happenNo they’re not celebs and runway models, but ordinary people from around the world. The people living their best lives today, and every other day of the year, are lotto winners. They’re people who have won big after buying a €3 ticket.

When you enter the US Powerball you not only stand a chance to win hundreds of millions but you also stand a chance to do everything you’ve dreamed about. As a bonus, here at we have a dedicated Customer Support team to help you through the process and with every other question you might have.

Play your favourite game at the price of your choosing, and who knows, maybe you could be living out your new year resolutions throughout the year. Go ahead, play now!

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