Quick pick or not? Which selection method is better?

Do you like to use Quick Pick or choose your own numbers? Whatever your preference, some lottery players and current winners stand firmly by one or the other. 

Here’s what we discovered from professionals regarding how these two different selection methods can lead a player to win the jackpot of their dreams


Manual selection

Many keen lottery players like to use their own combinations when they enter their favourite international lottery. Popular combinations include birthdays, street addresses, phone numbers or anniversaries. Past winners for both the Australian and US Powerball have revealed that their lucky numbers were taken from sentimental dates including a family member’s birthday or their house street numbers. 

However, strategic, mathematical minds have argued that there are more sound methods to manually choosing numbers. Keen mathematician, Renato Gianella, stated that he had created a template using probability theories that would show people which number combinations were most likely to appear on the lottery. Gianella maintains that, with the right information, any player can create a lottery strategy that shows you what numbers to play based on the pattern of previous draws.

There are many strategies that people adopt when picking their own numbers. By checking lottery statistics, you can tell which are the most commonly drawn numbers and some people suggest picking numbers higher than 31.


Quick Pick online


Lottery expert, Richard Lustig, disagrees with Gianella’s strategy. A man who has won seven lottery grand prizes over 25 years, Lustig definitely knows how to play the lottery. He states that players should pick their numbers and stay with them, especially if you play regularly.


Quick Pick

On the side of the automated selection method, Quick Pick, there are valid arguments made as well.

Lottery organisers noted that the vast majority of past winners have won their big jackpots using Quick Pick. Roughly half of all lottery players seem to favour the Quick Pick method.

The Quick Pick method is great for those who don’t want to play the same numbers every time and who also want to buy entries in bulk. It’s also very convenient for those in a rush. Quick Picks can be helpful because they choose numbers completely randomly, giving the player a better chance of covering the number matrix of the lottery they're playing.


Now that you have gotten the real scoop behind Quick Pick and the manual way of selecting your lottery numbers, perhaps it can inspire you to use the strategies you have read about when you next play for the big jackpot.

Just remember that both methods have proven to have picked a winner of a massive jackpot! So no matter which one you choose, you just have to keep entering in order to stand a chance to win that amazing cash prize.

Play our biggest jackpots today and perhaps we could be writing our next article about YOU!

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