Winner Collects $156.2 Million Powerball Jackpot

An extremely lucky Powerball lottery player from Wisconsin has recently come forward to claim her Powerball winnings. And just how big was her Powerball win? It was a whopping $156.2 million! The winner’s name is Mai Xiong and she bought her winning ticket from her hometown, Milwaukee in the USA. 

Mai’s winning Powerball numbers were 2-9-27-29-42 with the bonus ball 9. It’s unbelievable how these six simple numbers are enough to revolutionise your life, and the life of your future generations forever. Her life changed in the Powerball draw that took place on the 22nd of March earlier this year. She had forgotten about her ticket and the fact that she could be the winner everyone was looking for. Eventually, she got her act together after noticing the statewide appeals and came forward to verify that she was the winner. 

The jackpot was set to expire in September this year so the Wisconsin State Lottery officials had been searching for the mystery winner for many months. They didn’t want to give up because this prize was too big for the winner not to claim it. After a fresh search, the missing winner was finally found. 


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Mai bought her lucky ticket from the Pewaukee Corner Pump in the city of Pewaukee. Mai decided to accept her winnings in the form of a lump sum. That means her jackpot became $93.1 million after federal tax. The gas station that sold her the ticket has also benefitted from the lucky win. They received a whopping $100,000. “I’m just glad that the ticket didn’t end up in a washing machine or something,” said the store owner. 

When it came time for Mai to collect her jackpot winnings from the lottery official’s office, her family accompanied her for support. You can imagine how delighted she was to accept her immense fortune! The family didn’t speak directly to the media, but a spokesperson for the winners did have the following to say: “They’re very excited as you’d expect to have such a windfall come their way. And like most people, they are experiencing a lot of change right now and are busy with a lot of different things. So, in light of that, they are asking people to respectfully respect their privacy.” 

Mai’s massive Powerball win is the first of this size to be won in the state of Wisconsin since 2009 when a prize of $31.4 million was claimed by Doug Miron. 

The time is NOW for you to get your Powerball tickets for the upcoming draw! The jackpot is a staggering 307 million USD and it could all be YOURS if you give yourself the opportunity. 

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