Pennies can add luck to your lottery

Pennies have always been seen as good luck and one might even be lucky enough for a lottery win. 

Lottery winners have many different ideas of what they’ll do with their winnings. For most, winning millions is the key to living their dream life: travelling, buying luxury items and enjoying four star food. Sometimes, winning the £1 million jackpot is enough for a taste of the good life without worry.

Sean Lloyd (49) was working as a bus driver when he won a cash prize from the UK Lottery. He had been working more than 60 hours a week at a low wage, while his wife worked as a carer on double shifts. After buying his ticket, he found a penny outside the shop, impulsively picked it up and rubbed it on the ticket for extra luck. “We were really struggling at the time,” the father of four said. 

The myth about pennies being good luck was true for Sean after he won £1.8 million win in January 2015.  When watching the draw, at first he thought he had only matched five numbers and said he would have been happy with £1,000. Then he realised he had also matched the bonus ball and that he had won £1.8 million! 

Sean was ecstatic as he knew he could now pay off his home and leave his job. He said it was a happy surprise but he couldn't believe it was real for a while. Now that it has sunk in that he is a millionaire, Sean has used his winnings to give his family a better life.

He quit his job and took the family for a luxury holiday in exotic Mexico. They moved out of their home and bought a much bigger home, with a conservatory and beautiful view of the hills in Cheshire.

The best thing about the win is that now Sean can afford to give his daughter a dream wedding the Dominican Republic. Now that he has quit his job, Sean is inventing his own sauce to sell to the public, allowing him to live his dream of being an amateur chef.


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