The Craziest US Powerball Stories

Stranger than fiction, these stories from American Powerball winners show you that anyone can win the amazing jackpot! 

Since the beginning of the US Powerball, numerous winners have been awarded massive jackpots. The stories of how these people won their lottery prizes are highly entertaining. 


How a faulty machine generated winning numbers

House cleaner, Natividad Doyle, is one of the original Powerball winners in 1992. Doyle had come to the USA from the Philippines. She and her husband settled in Indiana where he worked at General Motors and she cleaned homes to make ends meet. They were both regular lotto players once, hoping that one day they could claim a huge jackpot as theirs. 

One day Doyle went to the grocery store to play the lottery, her usual routine, but when she tried to purchase a ticket, the machine malfunctioned. Instead of accepting her regular numbers and processing her ticket, the machine spat out a ticket with new, completely random numbers. Doyle decided to accept it and paid for her ticket. Little did she know that this ticket with randomly selected numbers would win her the $7.1 million jackpot! Doyle was so excited, she immediately quit her job and decided to retire. Her husband kept his job for a while before deciding to retire later on.

The couple were smart by weighing their options before making decisions on how they wanted to spend their jackpot winnings. They decided to take their winnings over a 25 year period rather than taking a lump sum.


Craziest US Powerball Stories


Multimillionaire became richer then lost it all

Andrew “Jack” Whittaker might have been the wealthiest man to have ever won a US Powerball jackpot. At the time of his win, Whittaker was the company president of a West Virginian construction company, with a net worth of around $17 million. 

Whittaker became exceedingly wealthy when he won a $315 million US Powerball jackpot in December 2002 at age 55. At the time, it was also the largest jackpot ever won by a single ticket. Faced with handling a large amount of money, Whittaker became a benefactor. He gave 10 percent to Christian charities and $14 million to his own charity foundation. His generosity even extended to the clerk at the store where he purchased the winning ticket. He gave the woman who worked there a $123,000 home, a brand new Dodge truck and $50,000 in cash.

Sadly, Whittaker’s personal life didn’t improve in the same way as his bank balance did. He faced many legal and personal issues which made him turn to heavy drinking. He was then robbed of $545,000 the following year. As the benefactor of his family, they too became beset by problems caused in part by the money they received. After the deaths of his daughter and granddaughter, Whittaker claimed to be broke in 2009, owing $1.5 million in debt.


$1 million was left unclaimed due to a lost ticket

In September 2015, a man in California became the subject of a local news manhunt. The man had purchased a Powerball ticket at the Rosemead supermarket which later became the winning ticket for the Powerball jackpot of $1 million! 

According to the store employees, after the man was identified, he knew he was the winning ticket holder. The only issue was that he couldn’t find the winning ticket! Without the ticket, a jackpot cannot be claimed. Unfortunately, the man could not claim his jackpot and the money was distributed among Californian state schools. 

Luckily, if you play the lottery online, there’s no way you can ever lose your ticket!

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