The Smiths who made state lottery history

A family of seven used winning numbers that came to them in a dream and won a massive jackpot.

For many, winning the lottery is the ultimate dream. Not only is it amazing to know your lucky numbers worked, but it must be a wonderful feeling to win giant jackpots. This year was a spectacular year for jackpot winners around the world. Here are a few lucky entrants who got won huge cash prizes and now get to begin their dream life.

The Smith family

The Smith family were known as the luckiest family in the USA this year after they won the $429.6 million Powerball jackpot.

Pearlie Smith (70) and her seven children were shocked when they realised they were the winners. Her eldest daughter, Valerie, explained that,  “the winning numbers came to us in a dream.” Because no birth dates or anniversary dates were used, Valerie believes it was fate that led them to pick the winning numbers and win the giant jackpot.

The Powerball draw took place on 13 May 2016, and the family couldn’t believe that they were the sole winners. The ticket was bought with cash and the Smiths opted to be paid out in a lump sum, meaning the the eight members split $284 million (after taxes).

They planned to use the money to pay off mortgages and student loans as well as use some of it to uplift their local community. Daughter Cathy runs a mentoring program for young women and now no longer has to struggle with funding. Pearlie planned for a long and luxurious holiday.

This was, at the time, the sixth largest win in US Powerball history and is the largest win for a single ticket sold. The winning ticket was bought at a 7-Eleven in Trenton, New Jersey. Store owner, Andrea Shin, was awarded a sizable $30,000 for selling the prize-winning ticket. She was just as happy to be a part of the lottery excitement and believed winners in the town meant something positive.


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