Retired health inspector wins Mega Millions Max lottery jackpot with Lotto247

Some people are born with an abundance of luck. Imagine the amount of luck needed to win a lottery jackpot only six months after they started playing their favourite lottery. It may sound like a fictional story ripped straight out of a Hollywood script, but this is what happened to Lingaraju D, a Lotto247 player from Bengaluru in India.

The 68-year-old won a massive €440 620.81 (approximately US $520,000) in the Mega Millions Max lottery in June this year. His largest previous win was a modest €38.96 (about US $46) on the SuperEna Max lottery.

Retired health inspector wins Mega Millions Max lottery - Winner's Story jackpot with Lotto247

Winning a colossal lottery jackpot invokes a range of overwhelming emotions in different players. Some winners may fail to contain their feelings, while others are left speechless. This was for the retired Karnataka local government health inspector who experienced a range of emotions upon discovering he was now a multi-millionaire.

Finding out he was a multi-millionaire.

“I was late to check the results, but as soon as I got the results in your email, I was shocked,” said Lingaraju. “For a moment I could not believe it, but after a while, I knew that it was a big win for me and I’ll get it. After that, I was happy; there was no word to describe my excitement.”

He plays in all the lotteries available on Lotto247 and bought his winning Mega Millions Max lottery ticket five days before the draw.

After it had sunk in that he had scooped a life-changing windfall, the first person the new multi-millionaire told was his wife.

“After telling my wife, I called my three sisters telling them that I had won and they were all happy for me,” Lingaraju added.

Retired health inspector wins Mega Millions Max lottery - Millionaires Winner's Story jackpot with Lotto247

The same day after winning the Mega Millions Max lottery jackpot, Lingaraju bought a ticket for the SuperEna and SuperEna Max lottery games. He indicated he prefers playing the SuperEna Max lottery as it offers a bigger jackpot.

The Mega Million Max winner said that he loves playing the lottery on Lotto247 as it is user friendly and the tickets are affordable. He added that the US Powerball and Mega Millions are his favourite games.

How he chose his winning numbers.

When choosing lucky numbers, many lottery players pick them using the Quick Pick method, horoscopes, random number generators and traditional or personal lucky numbers. However, Lingaraju did not use a specific process when choosing his lucky winning numbers.

“23 is my birth date, and 5 is also my lucky number. The draw happened on the 9th of June, so I chose 9. In India, it is the 10th morning, so I chose 10 and 1 is my astrological sign,” Lingaraju explained.

The winning Mega Millions Max numbers drawn in the 5th of June draw were 1 – 5 – 9 – 10 – 22 (23). If he had matched the Mega ball, 23, in addition to the five (5) numbers, he would have won about €298 million (US $351 million).

Plans for his windfall

One of the first things he said he would do with his winnings is to buy a new home for him and his wife.

“I have three daughters; all of them are working, and they all have taken out home loans, so I will try and clear up their debts. I will also help some relatives who badly need money,” he said. “For our future, me and my wife, I will keep some money aside.”

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