Real fairytale destinations to visit after winning a Powerball jackpot

Winning an international lottery jackpot is cause for celebration. Over the years, lottery winners have found some pretty interesting ways to treat themselves after becoming an instant millionaire.

Some quit their jobs with flare, others build race tracks around their mansions and many others decide to travel the world indefinitely. Today we’re exploring an interesting list of real fairytale destinations for you to visit after winning a Powerball jackpot.

Why you should travel after winning a Powerball jackpot

Travelling is linked to improving your health because it reduces stress levels. This is especially important after claiming a massive prize, like an international Powerball jackpot.

Winning the lottery is hands-down one of the most thrilling events an individual can ever experience. It starts with meetings with your lawyers, selecting a payout option, radio and tv interviews and finally ends with mapping out a future with your new-found wealth. Once you’ve been paid and your bank balance reflects your new multimillionaire status, you could do with a boost in the form of rest and relaxation.

This is where travelling can instantly cut down on stress. After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than reclining in a first-class seat, sipping on premium champagne and flying to your dream destination in style.

Real fairytale destinations for you to visit around the world

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Situated in: Schwangau in Germany

This German castle sits proudly on a hill in southwest Bavaria. It’s idyllically surrounded by densely-wooded hills and this only adds to the enchanted look and feel of the space.

Interestingly enough, this Romanesque Revival palace is also known as “castle of the fairytale king”. If you’re a Disney lover this castle will be extra impressive because it’s the very same structure that inspired the childhood classic, Sleeping Beauty. This stunning home originally belonged to King Ludwig II. He was a reclusive monarch who had a master plan to stow away in his fortress and distance himself from the general public.

Real fairytale destinations for you to visit around the world - Neuschwanstein Castle

During his lifetime he was often famously heard saying “I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others”. Unfortunately for this king, things never went as he had planned. The king passed away in 1885 and it wasn’t until an entire year later when the castle was finally completed. While King Ludwig II wasn’t able to enjoy the beauty of his vision, you can. After winning a Powerball jackpot you’ll have the opportunity to stroll through his castle to admire every nook and cranny.

2. Cappadocia

Situated in: Turkey

At first glance, the Cappadocian landscape seems to be dotted with very tall rocks. On closer inspection, they are really ancient castle structures with a 21st-century twist.

You might not be standing in this airy landscape right now, but sit back and visualize pointed volcanic peaks, rock formations created by lava, Anatolian plains as far as the eye can see and blue skies filled with colourful hot air balloons.

Real fairytale destinations for you to visit around the world - Cappadocia

While it’s incredibly easy to get lost in the tranquillity of this landscape, people often miss the cave hotels which are hidden right there in plain sight.

These tucked-away gems are your chance to experience your very own Turkish fairytale. The atmospheric stone dwellings are carved into the side of Cappadocia’s striking landscape, and they are the perfect mix between modern luxury and medieval Turkey.

If you’d like to be transported through time, this is the perfect place to do it.

3. Avenue of the Baobabs

Situated in: Madagascar

Real fairytale destinations for you to visit around the world - Avenue of the Baobabs

From rocks to trees, this stretch of nature is both dreamy and slightly eerie when you hear about its history.

In western Madagascar, there’s a dirt road that runs from Morondava to Belo Tsiribihina. Sparsely scattered gigantic Baobab trees line the road, creating a captivating picture. It was once a densely populated forest, but after years of deforestation, they are now ghostly versions of their former selves.

While there are only a few dozen of these massive trees left, some still stand to guard the road that locals walk along day in and day out. While we might know these trees as Baobabs, locals actually call them renala. They believe that these 800-year-old trees hold the spirits of loved ones who have passed on.

Others also refer to them as the upside-down tree. After winning a Powerball jackpot and journeying to Madagascar, you’ll discover the reason behind this name for yourself. Their branches don’t look like the ones you would expect, instead, they look more like roots reaching towards the sky.

4. Palace of Versailles

Situated in: Versailles in France

Fairytales are known for their happy endings, but unfortunately, that can’t be said for the famous resident of this iconic palace. It was here where French royal Marie-Antoinette infamously said: “Let them eat cake”. It was the phrase that later fueled a revolution.

Real fairytale destinations for you to visit around the world - Palace of Versailles

Despite its unpleasant history, the structure is still as magnificent as ever. The Hall of Mirrors is especially impressive to wander through as you take in the chandelier-strung space.

Take your time inside but don’t forget to take a stroll through the perfectly manicured maze-like garden. Make sure you stop by the orangery so you can see this Renaissance structure for yourself.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a multimillionaire during the late 18th century, the Palace of Versailles would be the place to find out.

Have you fallen in love with any of these fairytale destinations? Comment below and tell us which one you would visit after winning a Powerball jackpot.

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