Three Indian friends win big in the lottery in UAE

Who hasn’t dreamt of winning the lottery? For three friends from India’s Kannur district in Kerala, their dreams came true as they won AED20 million (approximately US $5,500,000) in a lottery in UAE.

Purchasing entries to a UAE lottery was part of Jujesh Corothan’s weekly routine. His fortunes changed after he bought the winning entry to a UAE lottery with two of his friends, Shah Jahan Kuttikattil and Shanoj Balakrishnan.

Three Indian friends win big in the lottery in UAE

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Winning this massive jackpot couldn’t have happened at a better time for the friends, as they were about to close their limousine rental business. The trio were in desperate talks with potential clients to sell the two limos they owned. Minutes before attending a meeting to secure a bailout, lady luck smiled on them.

“I am here for the past 16 years. I have my wife and daughter here. For the last six months, we three friends are running a limousine rental service. But it didn’t work well for us. We faced a financial crisis. Past few months have been very difficult as the tourism sector is affected. For many days, we are sitting indoors as there is no demand for our services. With office rent, EMIs on limos, latest Covid-19 developments and uncertain future, we planned to wind up our operations. We met a client to sell our limos a few days ago but didn’t receive a good price. On the day of the draw, we had to meet another party and minutes before that, we have hit this jackpot,” Corothan said.

A few days before the draw, Corothan had already made arrangements for his family to return to their home state of Kerala. Their plans suddenly changed as his winning UAE lottery entry was announced.

“God has listened to our prayers. What more can I say? This is beyond words. Actually, I couldn’t recollect my ticket number but when my name was announced, it was a magical moment. We had made plans to return to Kerala as things were falling apart here. Now, we can develop our business,” a joyful Corothan revealed.

Celebrating his win, the UAE lottery winner said that this was not a time to party but a time to help those in need and also fight the COVID-19 pandemic. A large part of his winnings will go into his seven-year-old daughter’s education and some invested in the luxury car rental business he and his friends started.

“It has been a tough month. I have had no work at all. I was in a desperate situation and about to send my family back. This win is nothing but a miracle and a lifeline for us,” Korothan admitted.

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