From begging for loans to bagging a hefty lottery jackpot in India

Imagine yourself neck-deep in a financial crisis with no solution in the pipeline. What would you do?

Well, you could just play the lottery in India and win the Rs 12 crore (just over US $16 million) jackpot! Porunnan Rajan from India’s Kannur district in Kerala knew that one day luck would smile on him but didn’t know when.

Rajan is a 52-year-old labourer who was heavily in debt after taking out three loans and needed a fourth loan to pay off previous loans. The father of three suffers from arthritis and is not able to work every day. They lived off of his wife and son’s wages, which were barely enough for them to get by on. When the bank refused to give him any further credit, he bought multiple entries into a lottery in India and didn’t tell anyone - as they were expensive.

He had forgotten about his Kerala lottery entry but was swiftly reminded when news spread that the jackpot had been won by someone in Koothuparamba in the Kannur District. Anxious, Rajan went back to the shop where he had bought his entry into the lottery in India to check the results and discovered he was the lucky winner. He couldn’t hold back his excitement as all his hardships would be a thing of the past.

"I feel happy. I never expected this. I would now be able to settle all my loans which will come to around Rs 7 lakh (approximately US $9,400) and complete the work of my house. My wife always fought with me for my habit of buying lottery tickets as she thought it is a waste of money. I would also like to help the needy as I know the hardships of life,” says Rajan.

His excited wife, who had always nagged him to stop buying Kerala lottery entries, was happy that this time he didn’t listen to him.

“I could not believe it even when we went to the cooperative bank in Malur to hand over the ticket,” an ecstatic Rajani revealed.

From begging for loans to bagging a hefty lottery jackpot in India - Kerala Lottery

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“Even before I met him, he’d religiously set some money aside to buy lottery entries. When it became too much, I used to warn him against it. “It’s a huge relief. The documents of our house are at the district bank we took a loan from, kept there as surety. For this new loan, Rajettan had taken another property document we had. But we will not avail that loan now, though it has been approved. We want to finish settling the debts, build the house and educate our younger daughter.

According to the rules and regulations, Rajan will take home an estimated Rs 7.2 crores (just over US $96,0000) after-tax and agency commission deductions. The lottery winner revealed they’ll use the money to pay for their children’s education in India and also pay off the loans they had taken out.

This is not Rajan’s first lottery win in India, as he had previously won smaller amounts of money and this encouraged him to keep trying his luck.

Could you be the next winner?

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