How to play the western online lottery in Africa

We’ve all had that romantic dream, including us at Lotto247, of winning the lottery jackpot and retiring to some exotic island. Well, for some that dream finally came true and they’ve ridden off into the sunset with their millions, or billions, in hand.

Since its invention centuries ago, the lottery has taken the world by storm and has evolved in both the retail sector and online. This means you don’t have to only play the local lottery, which when compared to an international lottery, the prize is just a drop in an ocean.

You’re probably thinking you need to travel overseas just to place your bet on these lucrative international lottery games. This is not feasible, but with the biggest Western lottery games launching in Africa, you can play and stand a chance of winning in the comfort of your home.

Which Western Lottery Can You Play Online?

With Lotto247, you are spoilt for choice with the different international lottery games you can play online.

You’ve got a choice of the Powerball Plus, Mega Millions Max, SuperEna Max, SuperEnalotto, EuroJackpot, Powerball, Mega Millions, El Gordo, EuroMillions, La Primitiva, UK Lottery, Oz Powerball, Lotto6aus49, Oz Lotto, France Lotto and Mega Sena.

You can buy entries in all of these lotteries, meaning you stand a chance of winning one or more of these jackpots almost every day.

Can You Play On Your Cell Phone?

Gone are the days where people needed to buy a physical ticket to play the lotto. Nowadays, you can spare yourself from standing in long queues or that annoying small talk with total strangers.

How to play the western online lottery in Africa - Can You Play On Your Cell Phone?

Playing international lottery games is much easier than you might think and you can even do it in the comfort of your home, office or at the mall. It doesn’t matter where you play as it’s the same conditions, same chances, same function and the draws are at the same time every week.

Can You Play The Online Lottery While On Holiday?

The exciting thing about Lotto247 is that you can buy your entries on any international lottery from anywhere in the world. You’ll need to be 18 years or older to play the online lottery in Nigeria and Kenya. To be on the safe side, check your country’s regulations as they might have a higher or lower age limit.

How to play the western online lottery in Africa - Can You Play The Online Lottery While On Holiday?

How To Play Western Online Lottery in Nigeria and Kenya.

You can easily buy your entries, however, you’ll need to place them an hour or two before the actual draw. Here at Lotto247, we would love to see you become one of our latest winners, so we’ve compiled a short guide on how to play the Western lottery online in Africa.

Step 1.

You’ll need to ensure you have a reliable internet connection and visit this website:

Step 2.

Once on our website, you’ll see a selection of online lottery games available in Nigeria and Kenya on the main page. Each game has a photo-icon with the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Select the online lottery game you want to play and you’ll be nearly ready to buy entries.

Step 3.

Before you buy entries, you have to create an account. After creating your account, you’ll need to deposit money into your account.

The available online payment options that are available are Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and other mobile payment services.

Step 4.

You’ll need to ensure that you buy your entries. That is, make sure that your entries are bought at least an hour or two before the draw takes place.

Step 5.

Once you have successfully created your account and deposited money in it, the time has finally arrived for you to select your ‘lucky winning numbers’. It’s up to you to choose the number of lines to enter.

There are two options for you;

  • Quick pick, which is a recommended feature. A quick pick automatically gives you a combination of numbers without you having to manually select them.
  • Manual pick where you choose your own numbers.
Step 6.

You can play any number of draws. Remember the online lottery can be a dangerous addiction, so be smart.

Step 7.

After you have bought your entries and confirmed your order, you’ll not be able to cancel it. So, it’s advisable to double-check your bet before placing it.

You can check the details of your bets in your account.

Step 8.

After the draw has taken place, you can check the lottery results in your account

Now that you know how to start playing the Western online lottery in Africa, we’d love to see you win on Lotto247.

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