Sneaker culture: a world of rare, expensive shoes

Sneaker culture has taken the world by storm and everyone wants a piece of the action. Often referred to as sneakerhead culture, the world of sneakers is super exciting and has a lot to offer the discerning buyer. To ensure you know which sneakers will make you stand out from the crowd, you should keep reading to learn more. When you win millions on our international lotteries, you may want to make sure you know enough about sneakers to only buy the best sneakers out there.

Where did it all start?

Sneakers really became popular in the 1980s and it is said that the culture was born in the United States. Sport and music played a huge role. Specifically many believe the origins of the widespread popularity of sneakers are rooted in basketball where Michael Jordan partnered with Nike to create the famous Air Jordan line of shoes. Endorsed by many celebrities, signature sneakers were soon worn and featured in hip hop music videos everywhere.

Rarest sneakers in the world:

According to the 10 rarest sneakers in the world are below:

  1. Ronnie Fieg x ASICS GEL-Lyte III 'Mossad'
  2. Yeezy Basketball
  3. Air Jordan 1 PE
  4. Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 'Midnight Blue'
  5. Sneaker Freaker x BespokeIND Air Force 1s
  6. ASICS x Afew GEL-Lyte III 'Black Koi'
  7. Backwards Swoosh Air Jordan 1 'Shattered Backboard'
  8. Yeezy BOOST 700 VX
  9. DJ Khalid Shoe Surgeon Air Jordan 1
  10. Nike Air Yeezy 1 'Grammy'

5 of the world’s most expensive sneakers ever bought:

5. Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake Edition)

Sneaker culture: a world of rare, expensive shoes - Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake Edition)

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The Air Jordan 12 OVO is one of the world’s most popular sneakers, but a limited edition done in collaboration with rapper, Drake, sold for US $100,000 on eBay. Making it one of the most expensive sneakers ever sold.

4. Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game)

The Air Jordan 12 comes in at number 4 and is also known as the Air Jordan 12 Flu Game sneaker. The sneaker got its name due to a basketball game where Michael Jordan famously wore them during a match where he had the flu. The sneaker retails at US $104,000. How’s that for turning a bad flu into a money-maker!

Sneaker culture: a world of rare, expensive shoes - Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game)

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3. Buscemi 100 MM Diamond

Buscemi 100 MM Diamond is definitely the sneaker for the multimillionaire who likes a bit of sparkle and gold. This sneaker is adorned with 11.5 carats of diamonds and is even set in 18-carat gold. This white sneaker has a fresh look and will take any outfit to the next level with its unique look. You only need a cool US $132,000 to sport these beauties.

Sneaker culture: a world of rare, expensive shoes - Buscemi 100 MM Diamond

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2. Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Converse Fastbreak

Sneaker culture: a world of rare, expensive shoes - Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Converse Fastbreak

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These second-hand sneakers were worn and signed by Michael Jordan. These Converse sneakers were sold for US $190,000 on auction.

1. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans

Made out of 24-carat gold, these Air Jordans are only reserved for those with millions at their disposal. Costing US $2,000,000 these solid gold sneakers were created by Matthew Senna, an American Artist. Definitely not for you, if you don’t like shoes to weigh you down as these sneakers weigh 22.6kg on their own. Not the most practical footwear around, but when you’re a multimillionaire you may not need to move around much anyway.

Sneaker culture: a world of rare, expensive shoes - Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans

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