Outrageous things people buy with their money

It’s what we all dream of - winning millions on the lottery and having the freedom to make any dream a reality and buying whatever our heart desires. What could you really do with all that money in the bank? Seems not everyone is blessed with good judgement when it comes to spending their millions. Some take their spending to the next level by spending their money on outrageous things…let’s take a closer look.

Buying a celebrity’s hair

Remember when Britney Spears iconically shocked the public by shaving her head bald in 2007? This surprising event turned into quite the money maker for the salon where it happened as the beauty shop owner ended up selling her hair for US $1,000,000 on auction. To seal the deal the hair was sold with a lighter, an empty can of the energy drink Britney drank from as well as her hair elastic. We can’t help but wonder what the new owner did with the hair, make a wig perhaps?

Outrageous things people buy with their money - Buying a celebrity's hair

Make sure the weather always plays in your favour

Outrageous things people buy with their money - Weather

If you’re getting married, this may be something you’d consider once you’re a multimillionaire. Cloud seeding is a process by which a company injects silver iodine into the air to actually help rain to come down the day before an event, helping to prevent rainy weather on your special day. Luxury travel companies offer this service to the elite for US $100,000 to ensure their guests enjoy a rain-free event. It is reported that cloud seeding was used for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to prevent rain during the opening and closing ceremonies.

A house fit for your beloved pets

US $320,000. That is what heiress Paris Hilton spent on building her dogs a mansion kitted out with central heating, air conditioning as well as designer furniture to keep her best friends cosy and comfortable. Would you spoil your pets with their own mansions when you become a multimillionaire?

Outrageous things people buy with their money - A house fit for your beloved pets

A million-dollar window?

We’ve heard of millionaires paying millions, just for a good view, but paying US $3,000,000 just for a window seems a little bit extreme don’t you think? That’s exactly what happened in America though. Allegedly a window believed to have been the one used by the infamous sniper who shot and killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963 was bought for US $3,000,000 million on eBay. What makes this story even more intriguing is the fact that there is lots of speculation around whether the window is the real deal. Imagine spending that amount of money on a fake!

A mouldy sandwich

I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed that a mouldy sandwich would be something that people would spend thousands on, but that’s exactly what happened in 2004. A lady named Diana Duyser forgot about a cheese sandwich she had made 10 years before and was able to sell the sandwich for US $28,000. The sandwich was sold as a piece of art because the mould that had formed on the sandwich looked like the Virgin Mary. It was bought by the Golden Palace casino and a spokesperson from the casino, Monty Kerr said: "It's a part of pop culture that's immediately and widely recognizable, We knew right away we wanted to have it.” We’re not sure that we’d spend thousands on a mouldy sandwich, but who are we to judge.

The remains of a dinosaur

In 2007 Nicholas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio bid for a chance to win a rare Mongolian dinosaur skull. Cage eventually outbid DiCaprio and managed to get the skill for a cool US $276,000. Unfortunately, it turned out that the skull had been stolen which meant Cage had to hand over his precious purchase to the authorities in America.

From a celebrity's hair down to a mouldy grilled cheese sandwich, multimillionaires are able to spend their money on whatever strikes their fancy. You could join this club of outrageous spenders when you win millions on our international lotteries on offer. All you need to do is play to stand a chance to win.

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