The heart of the home - what every luxury kitchen needs

They say “the kitchen is the heart of the home” and we couldn’t agree more. Google recently revealed that baking related searches have seen a sharp rise over the past few months. With more people having to spend time at home, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’re not that surprised that people are choosing to spend more time baking in their kitchens.

We’re sure you won’t necessarily want to cook your own meals when you win big on our international lotteries, but you will want to make sure your personal chef has everything they need to prepare amazing meals for you. What makes a kitchen feel like the heart of the home and how can you make your kitchen extraordinary?

Let’s get you inspired by taking a closer look at what every luxury kitchen needs...

The heart of the home - what every luxury kitchen needs

Dishwasher Drawers

Ever heard of dishwasher drawers? These nifty appliances are exactly what they say - built-in dishwashers that double up as drawers. One great benefit of adding a few of these drawers to your luxury kitchen is that you can have multiple dishwashing loads running at once. While we’re sure that you won’t be needing to wash any dishes ever again when you win the lottery, it’s worth investing in a few of these drawers for the sheer convenience they offer.

A pot filler

This kitchen addition is extremely popular in restaurants but is fast becoming a luxury kitchen staple. A pot filler helps chefs easily fill up pots without having to worry about hurting their backs when moving heavy pots from the basin to the stove. Now you can have that convenience too.

The perfect lighting

Glitz, glam and being in the spotlight are all part of a lottery winners life. The difference is, they can choose the lighting. Make sure you take time to consider where you want to place lights in your kitchen. Lighting can dramatically affect the overall ambience of a space. You may want to add chandeliers, drop down pendant lights or light up your glass cabinets to easily see what they hold. Be sure to consult a lighting expert when you’re designing your dream kitchen.

The heart of the home - what every luxury kitchen needs

Walk-in Pantries

You’ve heard of walk-in wardrobes but have you heard about walk-in pantries? If you’re serious about indulging in all the culinary delights out there, you should consider having a walk-in pantry. Here you’ll store a whole range of things.

Your pantry can be customised to suit your homes specific needs, a few top tips for a deluxe pantry:

  • Put your small appliances away here so that you don’t clutter up your counters
  • Organise all your canned goods, special treats and spices neatly, to make them easy to find and pleasing to look at.
  • If you’re a wine lover, add a wine refrigerator to your pantry. This way you don’t have to go all the way to the cellar every time you want a glass of wine.
  • Build-in cabinets and drawers for your additional serving ware, towels and any other back up items you’d like to keep.

If that doesn’t inspire you…

Take a look at the world’s most expensive kitchen ever built. The Fiore di Cristallo designed by Claudio Celiberti. Estimated to have cost US $1.6 million, it’s not surprising that this kitchen was handcrafted using only the best materials money can buy. What specifically makes it stand out is its opulent use of the world-famous Murano crystal on all the kitchen finishes. This Italian crystal adorns the kitchen door handles, worktops, island chandelier, basin and even the taps (which are chrome-clad in crystal too).

A breathtaking chandelier brings Celiberti’s design together, capturing and bouncing off light from the reflective crystal - a truly one of a kind design.

Start planning your very own luxury kitchen today.

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