Should lottery winners stay anonymous?

Every lottery player knows exactly what they’ll do when they discover they’re an instant multimillionaire. Whether it’s jetting off to their dream destination or buying their first superyacht and sailing off into the sunset, most players have imagined the moment. While you might know how you’ll spend your first few millions, do you know how you’ll claim them? Anonymously or not?

Today we’re taking a closer look at lottery winnings and the ins and outs of staying anonymous after winning a massive jackpot.

You have to be in it to win it

The first step to winning is playing. You have to enter your favourite international lottery in order to win its massive jackpots. Imagine seeing your lucky numbers being drawn, only to realize that you forgot to purchase your entry into that draw? That sounds like heartbreak to us. We would never want you to miss out on an opportunity like that. So always remember to complete your purchase when buying your lottery entries with us.

Should lottery winners stay anonymous?

Pro tip: select specific days of the week where you sit down, sign in to your lottery account and enjoy some me-time on Lotto247. That way you won’t get easily distracted and you won’t forget to buy those lucky lottery entries.

The pros of staying anonymous after winning the lottery

  • You can maintain your private life: lottery winners are instantly thrust into the spotlight. Not only are they overnight multimillionaires, but they are also overnight celebrities. News channels want to interview them, newspapers want to print stories about their success story and old friends often come knocking on the door for donations. Staying anonymous allows lottery winners to maintain their privacy and to continue living life more or less the way they always have, except they have a lot more money in their bank account.
  • You won’t be a target for fraud: becoming a lottery winner is one of the most thrilling experiences of someone’s life. However, saying you’re a lottery winner is the same as saying “I have a lot of money in the bank”. Lottery winners are often targets for fraud. Strangers will pose as old friends, distant relatives and charity workers in order to con people out of their money. Lottery winners are often advised about these schemes and provided with assistance if they ever find themselves in these situations. When a lottery winner chooses to stay anonymous, they also avoid being placed in a situation where they can potentially be robbed of their money. We certainly wouldn’t want to see a player losing their new wealth to a scam!

The cons of staying anonymous after winning the lottery

  • You won’t receive that red carpet treatment: part of winning the lottery is having the cameras flash as you walk into a room and being called to appear on tv shows and for radio interviews. If you’ve always dreamed of being an overnight sensation, then winning the lottery will definitely get you that celeb status - you’ll just have to announce it to the world. Players who choose to stay anonymous after winning the lottery won’t have their pictures taken or appear on the local news because they won’t announce anything.
  • You’ll have to keep this secret forever: what was the longest time you went without revealing a secret; accidentally or on purpose? If you’re not the best at keeping things to yourself, then perhaps staying anonymous isn’t for you, because you would have to keep this secret forever. Would you be up to the challenge?
Should lottery winners stay anonymous?

Famous players who chose to stay anonymous after winning big

The $1.537 billion Mega Millions winner

In late October 2018, Mega Millions climbed to a jackpot that players had never seen before - a massive US $1.537 billion. On 23 October 2018 it drew and one very very lucky player won it all. Not only was this draw a record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot but it also holds the record as the largest payout to a single lottery ticket holder. While this jackpot made headlines around the world, to date, no one knows who won it.

The only information that was released by the lottery organizers, was that the winner resides in South Carolina and that they were thrilled to be claiming their winnings!

The scream mask

Most lottery winners think of the “scream mask” lottery winner when they think of anonymous lottery winners. In February 2019, a Jamaican man claimed his US $1.2 million jackpot, while he was wearing a scream mask. The winner collected his winnings under the name A. Campbell and to this day, the world still doesn’t know who he is!

One day when you win big, how will you claim your lottery winnings? Anonymously or not?

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Posted by Shubham (8/06/2020)

how can one be anonymous,after winning jackpot....As far as i have heard that Lotto community does not allow people to remain anonymous and they have to reveal their identity in order to claim the prize money.

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