When dreams turn into lottery winnings

We often hear incredible stories about people who dream about things only to find that their dreams become their reality. Can the same be said about the lottery? A few lottery winners have made claims that they dreamt about winning the lottery before they won.

Straight out of a feel-good movie

Cynthia P. Stafford’s story reads like something straight out of a movie. Having tragically lost her brother to a car accident, Cynthia took in her 5 nieces and nephews, raising them as if they were her own. Being a new single mother meant she would often struggle to make ends meet.

At the end of 2004 Cynthia felt a draw to the number US $112 million. Specifically, she just couldn’t get US $112 million out of her head and dreamt about it over and over every night. She decided to write the number down and sleep with it under her pillow every night. In 2007 her dreams finally came true and saw her winning a massive US $112 million by playing Mega Millions. She shared the money with her father and her other brother and has since started her own business. Life has definitely turned into a dream for this lottery winner. Mega Millions could make your dreams come true too.

When dreams turn into lottery winnings

A pet cat, a dream and a life changing win

Merry, a winner from America, believes her pet cat had something to do with her lucky win. “Every day I would go to work, and she’d give me this look and I’d say look - well Tig, if you do something to help me win the lottery or win some money so I don’t have to work anymore. I’ll stay home with you.” The winner believes her cat had something to do with a dream she had that showed her 6 random numbers. She decided to play these numbers on the US Powerball lottery and three weeks later, the numbers she dreamt about were drawn. She won a gigantic US $66,400,000.

Humble winner

7, 11, 12, 13, 35 and 41 - these were the numbers that saw Maria Digel, from Manitoba, Canada win US $7,000,000 - all thanks to a dream she had before the night of her win! The numbers she chose had a special meaning to this lottery winner as they represent the ages of her family when they immigrated to Canada as well as their arrival date.

The winner says she had a dream the night before actually winning, that she had won US $1 million playing the lottery and shared her win with her family and friends in the dream.

When dreams turn into lottery winnings

"I always thought, “wouldn't it be nice to win US $100,000, wouldn't that be wonderful?" she said when claiming her magnificent win. She intends to share her win with friends and family exactly like she did in her dream and doesn’t plan on buying extravagant items now that she is a multimillionaire.

These three extraordinary winners show that you should pay special attention to your dreams and not ignore them. If you find yourself seeing numbers pop up in your dreams play them in your favourite international lottery. Remember your numbers could come up tomorrow or in a few weeks, either way, we’d hate for you to miss out on changing your life forever.

Best of luck, The Lotto247 Team

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