The best food destinations to visit after winning millions

Some players have adventure bucket lists. At the drop of a hat, they can easily mention the various countries they would like to jet off to the moment they win a massive jackpot. We definitely have one, but we also have a food bucket list! Today we’re taking you on a culinary adventure that’s sure to leave you reaching for the pantry. Let’s explore...


The best food destinations to visit after winning millions

Between its idyllic beaches and rich history, this country is known for attracting ocean lovers and historians. However, a massively overlooked part of the country is the food scene. While we would definitely recommend you work on your tan and visit the castles in this European country, we also think the local cuisine is something you must try!

What food Croatia’s known for: the food scene can be split into two very different sections.

Inland: here you’ll notice that European cuisine dominates. Common ingredients include meats, cheeses, noodles, beer and fruit spirits.

Istria: this is an area that borders Italy and Slovenia but more importantly it’s the place to enjoy seafood, olive oil, mushrooms, truffles and prosciutto. Don’t forget to finish off the experience with some wine though!

Be sure to try: Black Risotto. While it might not sound like the most appetizing meal to eat, it’s a crowd-favourite amongst Croatians. Locally, this meal is known as crni rizot, and depending on where you eat it, it’s made with cuttlefish or squid. While risotto might have Italian roots, Croatians have certainly given it a unique seafood touch.


The best food destinations to visit after winning millions

When we hear “Jamaica”, we think about the Caribbean, mountains, lush rainforests and beaches lined with coral reef. Let’s not forget about Montego Bay. After all, what’s a trip to Jamaica without an all-inclusive hotel experience with Bob Marley playing in the background! That’s the kind of trip fit for a millionaire. While these are more of the obvious reasons to visit this Caribbean island, their food should also be on your list of things to try once you’re there!

What food Jamaica’s known for: some of the more well-known Caribbean food include tasty jerk chicken with Appleton Estates rum and Red Stripe beer to wash it down. These are often go-to options for tourists, but we’d like you to broaden your horizons a bit more with food you probably couldn’t find anywhere else in the world!

A traditional breakfast treat: Jamaica’s national fruit is the ackee. This fruit looks like both an apple and a peach at the same time and is a popular breakfast meal on the island. With its refreshing peachy colour, it’s easy to see why. While some wouldn’t think twice about munching away, we must warn you that this tasty treat can also be a dangerous one. When the fruit is unripe, it’s contents can lead to symptoms resembling that of food poisoning. So we suggest you leave the cooking to the locals because they have been preparing this dish for years!

The main course: ever eaten stewed goat and oxtail? In Jamaica you should! These meats are generally served with steamed callaloo which is a traditional leafy green salad. Pair this dish with ginger beer and you’re all set. Can you picture yourself enjoying this hearty meal after a long day of snorkelling and sunbathing? We sure can! If you’re not sure how to get to this island, any one of our international jackpots can help.

Myanmar AKA Burma

The best food destinations to visit after winning millions

In recent years Asian food has become more and more mainstream, encouraging people to step out of the food comfort zone and try new things. While we might not be able to pronounce every dish on Asian menus, the Lotto247 team agrees that they’ve never met an Asian dish they didn’t like. If there’s one place to try Asian food, then it would be in this city of history.

What food Myanmar’s known for: Asian meals but with a twist. Thai and Vietnamese foods are known for their hot, sour and salty/sweet flavours - Myanmar is different. You can definitely look forward to these distinct flavours but in more stripped-down simple forms.

Tea leaf salad: bet you never thought you’d see “tea” and “salad” together, in Myanmar it’s a speciality! Locally this dish is called lahpet thoke. Lahpet means “green tea,” and thoke means “salad”. This dish is a feast for your taste buds because it’s a mix of both flavours and textures. Get ready to indulge in soft pickled tea leaves with crisp roasted peanuts that have been combined with other crunchy beans, toasted sesame seeds and fried garlic. Depending on where you eat your tea leaf salad, you’ll also have the option of adding dried shrimp and chopped tomato to your dish! There’s the old saying “you eat with your eyes first” and with this colourful dish, your eyes will love what they see.

Mohinga: remember when we said you won’t be able to properly pronounce everything you see on the menu? We think this dish can definitely be a part of that list! Mohinga is a rice noodle and fish soup that is a staple dish for most locals. It’s a simple but delicious meal consisting of rice noodles in a herbal fish-and shallot-based broth. It’s so popular that the Burmese consider Mohinga to be the unofficial national dish of the country.

Now that you’ve heard more about the exciting meals that are waiting for you in different parts of the world, which one are you most excited to try first? We have to admit, Myanmar’s tea leaf salad sounds like a great way to expand our culinary horizons. Plus, we wouldn’t mind a trip to that iconic country.

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