Which winning lottery character are you?

There is absolutely nothing we love more than celebrating with our Lotto247 winners and finding out what they’ll do with their life-changing wins. Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to phone thousands of players to let them know that their ultimate lottery dreams have come true.

We know multimillionaires around the world love to celebrate, and they do it in style, with luxury travel experiences around the world, extravagant parties and extravagant gifts. While we all dream of winning the lottery and having the freedom that comes from never having to worry about money again, we wonder if you’ve ever thought about what your reaction will be when you win?

We’ve identified some common lottery winner characters below. Which of these four lottery winner characters do you think you will be?

Dan the Disbeliever

Which winning lottery character are you?

Some lucky winners just can’t believe their luck when they are told they have won the lottery. Checking their numbers meticulously only to be in disbelief that their numbers have actually finally come up. We call this type of winner the Disbeliever. The disbelievers are known to be avid players, who play the same numbers every week and always check their inbox after every draw hoping for a win.

Helen the Howler

Which winning lottery character are you?

The howler is often known as the life of the party amongst their friends. This lottery player is known to boast about any lucky lottery winnings they may have won (big or small) and proudly tells all who wants to hear about where they love to play and which numbers they believe will come up in the next draw. Upon winning, you can be sure that this lottery character will be shouting at the top of their lungs to let everyone know that they are newly made lottery multimillionaires.

Jumping Jill

Which winning lottery character are you?

Jumping for joy! That’s what this lucky lotto winner will be doing when they find out that they’ve won millions and millions. So elated by their win, you’ll be sure to see this winner jump for joy (multiple times). When you realize that your bank balance has grown tenfold overnight, wouldn’t you jump up and down with excitement too?

Freddie’s Ultimate Fist Pump

Which winning lottery character are you?

Known as a gesture worldwide for triumph, Fist Pump Freddie is the type of lottery player who’s always looking out for positive things to celebrate or reinforce. Ever watched the movie The Breakfast Club? It contains one of the most iconic fist bump scenes in history. SPOILER ALERT: in the movie one of the main characters, John Bender, puts his fist up in the air to celebrate getting a kiss from the girl of his dreams. This iconic scene has inspired many romantic gestures in real life, and will surely be a gesture some lottery players will use to celebrate their triumphant lottery win.

  • All of the above lottery characters we’ve identified are vastly different, but share a few common traits:
  • They love to play the world’s most exciting international lotteries online at Lotto247 of course.
  • They all know that to become a lottery winner and multimillionaire, you have to enter to win.
  • They all know and love the thrill playing the lottery can bring.

Which of these four lottery characters do you think you’ll be? Tell us in the comments below.

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