Once in a lifetime experiences lottery winnings can bring you

Unique experiences and thrilling opportunities exist all over the world - that’s if you can afford to travel there of course. Winning the lottery could be the answer to experiencing everything on your bucket list, and then much much more. Today we’re taking a look at once in a lifetime experiences lottery winnings can bring you.

1. Gather your thoughts at a yoga retreat in India

Kickstarting your travelling journey with a calm experience is right at the top of our list. After claiming your lottery winnings you’ll be attending interviews, throwing celebration parties and telling others how they can do the same. The best way to decompress after all that excitement is with a relaxing yoga retreat. Many of them include stunning views of the surroundings as a backdrop and unique local foods to fuel your mind and body.

Once in a lifetime experiences lottery winnings can bring you

2. Become a pastry expert in Paris

The French are known for their chic style and delicious desserts. So there’s no better place in the world to sign up for a pastry class than in this iconic city. Learn a new skill and enjoy the next chapter of your life indulging in the best way possible. Can we put in a special request for macaroons and lemon tart?

3. Go wine tasting in Beaujolais

Hop on a short 1-hour flight from Paris and travel to the province of Beaujolais. Without fail, every year on the third Tuesday of November, 120 festivals are held around the province of Beaujolais to celebrate the new harvest for the Beaujolais wine. Picture food tasting, competitions, live bands and lots and lots of wine… for five days non-stop! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate your lottery winnings.

Once in a lifetime experiences lottery winnings can bring you

4. Experience the Carnival of Venice

Brazil might be famous for its lively annual Carnival, but Venice holds the crown for something much more unique - a mask festival. Every year for two weeks from February to March Venice turns into something completely different.

Citizens and tourists alike don elaborate masks and costumes, celebrating at various festivities happening around the city. This yearly tradition dates back to century-old customs but still holds the same allure. In the past, kings, queens, princes and princesses could be chatting to you and you’d never know. The same applies today, you could be speaking to another millionaire or a celebrity, the masks sure do keep the mystery alive!

5. See Hobbiton for yourself

If you’re a movie buff then you’ll be first in line for this one! Roam around the magical world of Middle Earth and see this iconic neighbourhood from Lord of the Rings in person. A flight to Matamata in the North Island of New Zealand later and you could set foot in the Shire. We can’t promise any sightings of Gandalf the White, but we would love it if you sent the Lotto247 Team a selfie!

Once in a lifetime experiences lottery winnings can bring you

6. Say hello to mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Can you already picture it? You’re walking through the lush African jungle and you suddenly stumble onto a family of mountain gorillas. There’s an instant sense of excitement and awe as you gaze upon them in their natural habitat. While this is only a dream for some, for someone who has just claimed massive lottery winnings, this could be another adventure you get to tick off your bucket list. Don’t forget your camera and a supervised ranger on this one!

With so many incredible once in a lifetime experiences, which one would you like to enjoy first?

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