The best lottery pranks that will have you laughing out loud

There’s nothing funny about the online lottery, but who can so no to a few laughs every now and then? We’ve rounded up the best lottery pranks we could find and we’re sharing them with you today. Get ready for a few shocking situations…

Happily ever after

The best lottery pranks that will have you laughing out loud

Charlotte and Daniel Peart are a pranking couple. They keep the fun alive by regularly thinking of ways to fool each other, but one day a prank turned into their reality.

Charlotte Peart thought she had it all planned out, she would call her husband letting him know they’ve just won £250,000, and when he was planning how he would spend the money she would drop the bomb and let him know she was only joking. It all went according to plan and she pranked her significant other good and proper. Then things took a turn.

Exactly a week after the prank, Charlotte Peart called her husband letting him know that they’ve just won a massive £1 million jackpot - and this time it wasn’t a joke! Having just been pranked days before, Daniel was hesitant. "I didn't believe her at all because we like to wind each other up," he said.

It wasn’t after Charlotte forwarded the congratulatory message that their new reality sank in for Daniel - they were now millionaires! A new home with bigger rooms and an upgrade to all their gadgets are what they picture for themselves. "With a family of five it gets a little cramped. All the kids have earned their own bedrooms, they're all excited about that" Daniel said in an interview with Sky News.

Maybe the secret to winning the lottery is pretending that you already have!

I’m in love with your sister

The best lottery pranks that will have you laughing out loud

While our first couple saw a happy ever after following their prank, this next prank didn’t end the way the following couple imagined.

While out for dinner the girlfriend planned an elaborate prank. She found the waiter and asked him to join in on the fun. The girlfriend knew her boyfriend’s lottery numbers, gave them to the waiter and asked him to recite them when her boyfriend asked for the latest winning lottery numbers.

Thinking it was a long shot, the waiter was shocked when the boyfriend actually asked if there was a tv in the diner or the waiter knew what the latest winning lottery numbers were.

The waiter played along, said there was a tv in the kitchen and that he would find out and pass them on. Heading back to the table, he pulled out the paper the girlfriend had provided and passed them on as the official winning lottery numbers.

The boyfriend didn’t waste any time in recognizing them as his own - he slammed his keys on the table and proudly said, “The car and the house are yours. I’m dating your sister.”

Can you imagine the look on his face when she finally told him it was all just a prank!

I quit!

The best lottery pranks that will have you laughing out loud

Most people daydream about the moment they would quit their job and finally pursue their dreams. One guy turned his daydreams into a reality and it turns out his celebrations happened a little prematurely.

It was just an ordinary day for Steve Moseley. It was 10am, he was at work, sitting behind his desk, dreaming of better days when things changed - he thought he won £1 million with a scratchcard!

On his way to work that day, Steve stopped to buy a scratchcard on a whim and when he finally decided to scratch it, he thought he was a million pounds richer.

"I then scratched off the bit that tells you how much you've won and it said one million," he said in an interview. "As far as I was concerned, I was a millionaire. All my worries were gone.”

Overwhelmed with joy and allowing the excitement to get the better of him, he immediately started celebrating - dancing on his desk, calling his girlfriend with the good news, throwing money around and instantly quitting his job.

Steve asked a coworker to run out to buy champagne and the moment he saw his boss take the corner he called out “You can stick your job, I've won the lottery."

It wasn’t until 45 minutes later, at 10:45am, when Steve decided to call the National Lottery operator to chat about claiming his prize. He then heard something he never expected - he didn’t win. He made a mistake, two matching 15s were actually 15 and 16.

"I dropped the phone. I felt physically sick. I got a magnifying glass out to study the numbers and they looked right but I realised I was never going to get the money”, Steve explained.

The reality of the last 45 minutes settled in and he sprang into action - begging his boss for his job back because he wasn’t in fact set for life.

Mike Earle, Steve’s manager, who witnessed everything unfold said, "You see where people's loyalties lie when money like that is involved. He'd been a bit of an idiot - I'd never seen anyone celebrating so much. But I felt sorry for him because I can see the numbers did look genuine on the ticket."

What would have been an indulgent night for him and his girlfriend, turned into a night of talking about what would have been.


If Steve has taught the lottery community anything, it’s that you always need to double-check your results before celebrating! The best part of playing online is that we do it for you! You’re automatically notified of any winnings and for winnings more than €200, our team will personally call you with the exciting news!

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