Plan your travel bucket list with us (and other Lotto247 players)

We asked our Lotto247 players to tell us where they would go if they won the lottery. We had many amazing responses and thought we would give you a little glimpse of where our players would go if they won the lottery tomorrow. Now you can start planning your ultimate travel list and draw inspiration from fellow lottery players.

Visit and experience all Hong Kong has to offer:

MJ B. said she would visit Hong Kong if she won the lottery. You could explore the Temple Street market that is filled with a variety of street foods, fortune tellers and vendors selling trinkets to remember your trip by. You could also visit the Tian Tan Buddha (known as the “Big Buddha”) and Po Lin Monastery which was built more than a century ago and is located on Lantau Island. This buddha is said to bring blessings to its visitors and you’ll be treated to incredible views when you’re there.

Plan your travel bucket list with us (and other Lotto247 players)

Add paradise to your travel bucket list:

Hawaii is synonymous with island-living and our player A. Ehrenskjold said that it has always been her dream to go to Hawaii. Some amazing experiences await if you choose to add this destination to your travel list. Can you see yourself swimming with dolphins, learning to surf or spearfish with pros? If you’re not keen on getting your feet wet, you could take a helicopter ride over an active volcano and see lava for the first time up close and personal, an experience few get to have.

Plan your travel bucket list with us (and other Lotto247 players)

Experience the thrill of the gaming capital of the world in Las Vegas, America:

We loved hearing M. Biswas' story about why he would go to Las Vegas if he won the lottery. “My dream city is Las Vegas. America. Only for this one reason I learnt English. Every night when I close my eyes I always imagine the feeling of reaching the city.” Perhaps our American lotteries US Powerball and Mega Millions will make this dream a reality for him in the future.

There are so many amazing experiences to be had in Las Vegas that it’s hard to name them all, but if you ever get the chance we’d recommend you visit the famous Caesars Palace casino. This casino is an icon of the city and has been featured in many famous films. Known for its thrilling selection of games, entertainment and restaurants, we are sure any lottery would have a blast here.

Plan your travel bucket list with us (and other Lotto247 players)

Explore the desert on the back of a camel in Morocco:

Although the desert may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Morocco has so much more to offer a lottery winner than just that. Lotto247 player A. Sobrinho says she wants to experience everything Morocco has to offer. We think a ride on a camel's back is great, but did you know you can have the best of both worlds in Morocco? Morocco is famous for its desert experiences but has become quite famous for its beaches as well which are known for their beauty and surf spots.

Add a cultural experience to your Moroccon travel list by visiting a traditional Hamman bath. Hamman baths were historically the only place people could bathe, scrub and socialise. With the introduction of modern plumbing though, this tradition has changed a bit. Much like spa’s, Hamman bats offer travellers a relaxing experience that may include massages and scrubs.

Plan your travel bucket list with us (and other Lotto247 players)

If you just won the lottery, where would you plan to go? Tell us in the comments below what you’ll be adding to your ultimate travel bucket list.

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