Different ways to pick your lucky lottery winning numbers

With so many different ways to pick your lucky lottery winning numbers, we’ve put together the ultimate list for you to easily choose from. Find out everything there is to know about hot numbers, important dates and fun games. Let’s get right into it!

Hot numbers

These are numbers that are drawn frequently within a particular period of time.

Let’s use the numbers 8, 16, and 21 for this example. Let’s say that these 3 numbers appeared in the last 30 draws. Based on this steady pattern and frequency of the numbers in such a short amount of time, some players would label these balls as hot numbers.

Players who select their lottery number using this method assume that if these numbers were drawn so often, it’s more than likely it will be drawn again. While this is possible, if these numbers do win, you’ll have to share your prize with everyone else who followed this pattern and chose their lucky lottery numbers based on hot numbers.

Different ways to pick your lucky lottery winning numbers

Cold numbers

Can you guess what these are? They are the exact opposite to hot numbers.

With this technique, players look at the numbers that are drawn the least frequently within a particular time period.

Let’s use the numbers 2, 9 and 25 for this example. If these numbers are not drawn within the last 30 draws, players assume that these numbers are cold, and that they will appear in the next draw.

While this technique works for many players, much like hot numbers, if these numbers appear in the draw, players will need to share their prize with every other player that chose the winning numbers based on the cold number technique.

Due numbers

These numbers are also known as overdue numbers. These numbers can be a combination of both hot and cold numbers.

Let’s use the example of the number 10. If the number 10 has not been drawn within the last 30 draws it is considered cold and it’s assumed that it will appear in the 31st draw. However, if the number 10 has not yet drawn by the 36th draw, it’s considered due - due to be drawn.

In the situation of the hot numbers, if number 10 is drawn 30 times consecutively, and then continues to be drawn for another 10 draws, that number is then considered to be overdue and the chances of it appearing again, is less likely.

Due numbers are considered to be risky options for lottery players, because you never know what will be drawn. Hot numbers can continue to appear, while cold numbers never make an appearance.

Important dates

Birth dates, wedding dates and work anniversaries all hold a special place in our hearts, so it’s easy to see why these are go-to options for lottery players.

However, with this technique, players are limited to the 30 days on the calendar, while most lottery numbers go all the way up to 69.

A good workaround is to invert the numbers and mix and match them. Is your birthday on 11/05/79? Your lucky lottery numbers could be 11, 5, 7, 9, 51, 59, 15, 57, etc.

Different ways to pick your lucky lottery winning numbers

Lotto247-approved ways to pick your lucky lottery winning numbers

Different addresses

Just like certain dates hold a special place in your heart, so can addresses. Maybe it’s the address of your childhood home, your high school crush, the first library you ever went to, the restaurant you had your first date at or the first hotel you ever stayed in. There could be many places you hold dear and they could make great lottery number selections.

Try to switch it up by adding in the dates you visited those places too.

Do your very own lucky draw using a jar

Label marbles with the different numbers that can be drawn in the lottery. Take an empty jar and fill them with the labelled marbles.

Each time you enter a lottery, put your hand in the jar and select the lucky numbers that you’ll play.

Pick a number every day

If you’d like to enter a Saturday draw, spend each day of the week selecting the numbers that inspire you. By the end of the week you’ll have enough numbers to enter the lottery of your choice.

If you’re entering any of our other international lotteries, be sure to start selecting your lucky numbers a week before.

Throw darts

Play darts and select your numbers based on where the dart lands!

Exercise and use your calories and distance

Do you track your workouts? Use your fitness stats as your lucky numbers. Mix and match the different digits to create different lucky combinations.

Now that you have so many different ways to select your lucky lottery winning numbers, which technique will you try first?

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