10 tips on how to work from home: from showering to online lottery

The world is changing faster than most of us can keep up with, and rapid change needs rapid tips and tricks to help everyone along. If you’re part of the new era of working from home, you’re probably in the same boat as everyone else. Asking yourself - how do I do this? How do I cope? And is there someplace that can help? Well, we might be known for our online lottery, but we’re also here to help you stay sane during this time of change.

1. Stick to your routine

We’re all creatures of habit. Too much change too quickly could easily send us reeling. So try to stick to your usual daily routine as much as possible - without the commute to work of course. Wake up at the same time, enjoy your breakfast the way you normally would, maybe call a co-worker for your morning catch-ups. This way, you can slowly ease into your new reality.

2. Shower and get dressed

Pyjamas are cozy and warm, but your mind also associates that dress code with sleeping in, lounging around on weekends and going to bed. That is not the mindset you want to be in when you’re about to start a new project. So, hop in the shower, dry off and get dressed. It doesn’t have to be a suit or stiletto heels, but changing out of your pj’s will do wonders for your frame of mind.

3. Don’t work on your bed

Much like the pyjamas we just mentioned, your bed is synonymous with rest and relaxation. Put yourself in a different headspace by removing yourself from your bedroom, and setting up a working station in your kitchen or lounge area. It doesn’t have to be fully equipped with a desk and monitors, but once you get your mind right, a productive day is almost sure to follow.

10 tips on how to work from home: from showering to online lottery

4. Make a to-do list

Who doesn’t love a good list? In the morning, write down a list of everything you wish to achieve for that working day. 1) it feels great to tick off every item as you complete it and 2) visually, it’s an excellent way to keep track of what you’ve achieved after a long day.

5. Set your lunch time

12pm? 1pm? If you were in an office, chances are you would join your co-workers at a set time to enjoy lunch - working from home should be the same. It’s easy to get distracted by laundry and daydreaming about vacations, but when you have a set lunch time, you’ll know exactly when to shift your focus from office work to housework. Plus, you won’t run the risk of getting ahead with the ironing but running behind on a work project.

6. Make time for something fun

Calling your friends to meet up might not be on the cards for you, but thanks to the internet, you have the world at your fingertips. Take a break from work and try your hand with the online lottery. Pick your lucky numbers and see what happens. You could be walking away with millions on any day of the week. With so much to learn, like hot and cold numbers, international lotteries and more, you could easily include the excitement of the online lottery in your every day to-do list.

7. Make a conscious effort to exercise

From walking to the printer, to joining a co-worker on a walk to the store, you’d be surprised at how many steps you take a day - unless you have a FitBit then you’ll know exactly how much you walk! Slow, low-impact exercise happens every day without you even realising it. Don’t let your daily workouts completely disappear from your life. Whether it’s walking around your home and doing laps or YouTube videos, try to get moving as often as you can.

8. Turn up the radio

Missing the background noise of the office? The radio can have the same effect. Tune into your local radio station and stay up to date with the news, songs and make ‘friends’ with the radio djs as they help you through your day.

9. Make a mental note of how many times you open the fridge

Would you snack that often at work? If you wouldn’t do it at the office, don’t do it at home. Remember, less exercise and more snacks never ends well.

10 tips on how to work from home: from showering to online lottery

10. Remember to leave the office

At a set time each day, you walk into the office and at a set time you walk out. Mentally, it’s the same when you’re working from home. So remember to leave the office when you're supposed to. Make sure to log out of any work systems and email accounts so you switch off from that part of your life, and enjoy your evening in the comfort of your home - without thinking of excel sheets and deadlines.

What are your work-from-home strategies? Do they also include lunch times and the online lottery? Share your stories in the comment section below because we would love to hear from you!

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