Utilising the power of the number 3 in March

As we’re going into the month of March, the third month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, we thought we’d take a look at whether the number 3 has special allure in the lottery world. After all, a lottery win is all in the right numbers!

Across the world, the number 3 represents various things. Let’s take a closer look.


According to this belief system numbers have a direct mystical relationship with events, which could spell great things for lucky lottery players in the month of March. In numerology, the number 3 signifies many things, like optimism, joy, inspiration and intelligence. Other terms that have been associated with numerology include fulfilment, adventure and enthusiasm - everything we at Lotto247 believe can drive your lottery play experience.

Lottery Play Tip:

Pick your lucky numbers by combining different numbers related to 3. Like 3+3 for 6 or 3 and 3 for 33.


Utilising the power of the number 3 in March

Third time lucky:

Ever heard the phrase “three times lucky” or “third time’s the charm?”. These phrases stem from fairy tales where heroes are often presented with three choices or three challenges they have to overcome to beat the villain or conquer a challenge.

Lottery Play Tip:

Include the number three in your plays this week by buying three entries into your favourite draw?

Utopia - a perfect society never realised:

The philosopher Plato imagined that his famous Utopia in his book, Republic, would include three types of people: soldiers, producers and rulers. Rulers would develop laws, soldiers would carry out orders from the rulers and producers would obey the authority set out to ensure justice throughout society. This book is celebrated by many as one of the world’s most influential political and philosophical works and has sparked a lot of debate.

Lottery Play Tip:

Buy an entry into a lottery draw like SuperEnalotto or SuperEna Max that draws three times a week.

Utilising the power of the number 3 in March

The Shamrock:

You’ve most likely heard about four-leaf clovers being a sign of luck, but have you ever heard someone mention a three leaf clover or shamrock? This symbol has been used in Ireland since the 18th century and is seen on many emblems across the country. Although it’s unclear whether the shamrock is linked to St Patrick, many believe the appearance of the Shamrock in the 1675 St Patricks Coppers, might be a nod to the holy trinity.

Lottery Play Tip:

Why not take a look at what the top 3 jackpots are worldwide on our site today?

A flower in bloom:

The iris flower takes its name from the Greek word for “rainbow” and is commonly associated with royalty. These beautiful flowers usually have three leaves that bloom and were believed to be a link between heaven and earth. In Japan these flowers are also seen to protect those who wear them as well as warding away evil spirits.

Lottery Play Tip: Buy some Irises with your next lucky lottery winnings and enjoy their beauty and positive energy.

Has the number three been lucky for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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