What lottery can you play online?

The world is an ever-changing place and the internet is changing right alongside it. Twenty years ago, you needed to make your way to a convenience store to play the lottery, but today you can play online. Millions in cash are now one click away. So what lottery can you play online? Here’s a list of our top picks for you!

US Powerball

Considered the most popular lottery in the world, US Powerball is often the go-to option for many players. With a starting jackpot of US $40 million, it’s easy to see why this is a number one pick. If you think US $40 million is a life-changing amount of money, wait until you hear about its highest jackpot ever.

What lottery can you play online?

US Powerball doesn’t have a jackpot cap, meaning, the jackpot will roll over until there is a tier-one prize winner. If there isn’t a tier-one prize winner, the jackpot climbs higher and higher, until a lucky player eventually matches all the numbers drawn. This is exactly what happened in January 2016. US Powerball reached a record-breaking US $1.6 billion when three extremely lucky ticket holders won it all.

Could this ever happen again? We hope so! In the meantime, US Powerball’s current jackpot could certainly change your life forever. To enter you need to pick 5 numbers from 1 - 69 - these are considered the white numbers. Then you’ll pick 1 red ball, from 1 - 26.

SuperEna Max

This crowd-favourite was inspired by SuperEnaLotto, a well known Italian-based lottery. SuperEna Max has a lot in common with SuperEnaLotto - the winning lottery numbers are always the same.

Like the Italian lottery, with SuperEna Max, players need to select 6 numbers from 1 - 90. A final seventh number, the Jolly number, is assigned to players once they enter. The Jolly number is every player’s bonus chance to win a secondary prize.

In November 2019, SuperEna Max broke its own record by reaching a never-before-seen €500 million! Can you picture your life if you were €500 million richer?

What lottery can you play online?

El Gordo lottery

The El Gordo Lottery is well known for its Christmas Raffle, El Gordo de Navidad, but why only wait for Christmas to roll around when you can play the lottery all year long!

Just like its Christmas Raffle, El Gordo offers lottery players excellent chances of winning. On average, Mega Millions lottery players stand a 1 in 302,575,350 chance of taking home a jackpot, but with the El Gordo lottery, players stand a 1 in 31,625,100 chance of being a winner!

Do these sound like some great odds to you? They certainly do to us! The first step to winning is playing. Players need to select 5 numbers from 1 - 54, these are referred to primary numbers and then players need to select 1 number from 1 - 9, this number is referred to as the key number.

If you’d like to walk away with the El Gordo jackpot, you’ll need to match all 5 primary numbers plus the key number. With odds like this, who knows, we might just be calling you with some very exciting news.

US Powerball, SuperEna Max and El Gordo might be our top picks for you, but there are a host of other options waiting for you to play and win. For the full list of lotteries you can play online, click here.

Did a specific lottery catch your eye? Comment below and tell us which lottery you’ll be playing next!

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