The most thrilling experiences your lottery winnings can buy

Whether it’s the thrill of the jackpots rising and waiting for your lucky numbers to be drawn - we know you’ve got an adventurous spirit and that you can’t wait to win big and live free.

You can start adding these exhilarating experiences to your ultimate to-do list. When you become a multimillionaire, there are no limits to what you can experience with your new lottery winnings. With jackpots reaching record-breaking heights of up to US $1.54 billion, there should be nothing standing in your way of playing.

Climbing up Mount Everest? Why not skydive off it:

The most thrilling experiences your lottery winnings can buy

While many dream about climbing this iconic mountain with its summit at 6,800 feet, very few people are able to skydive off its peaks due to the price. If you’re an experienced skydiver, with lottery winnings in your account, you’ll be able to jump off the highest point for US $25,000, if not, don’t worry, you can do a tandem jump for US $35,000!

Rent out an island for a few days in the Maldives:

The most thrilling experiences your lottery winnings can buy

Need a break from it all to figure out what to do with your lottery winnings? You may want to explore an exclusive private island experience in the Maldives. Named the “Extreme Island Takeover”, guests who opt for this extravagant getaway are treated to 78 private areas located by the beach, unlimited watersports, gourmet eateries, an underground nightclub, a spa as well as many more other exciting private activities.

The minimum stay of a 4-day package will set you back a cool US $4,000,000. On the bright side, the price allows you to bring 6 friends.

Say hello to the penguins in the South Pole:

The most thrilling experiences your lottery winnings can buy

While most tend to want to escape the cold, you may just want to experience it. Depending on the activities you choose to do and how long you want to go, trips to the South Pole can cost you anywhere from US $40,000 up to US $120,000. It’s quite a long trip and may take some planning, as weather conditions can influence when it’s safe to go.

Celebrate your win in Iceland at the Secret Solstice Festival:

The most thrilling experiences your lottery winnings can buy

Don’t worry, this US $1 million festival will be nothing like the recent Fyre Festival fiasco. Besides the never-ending daylight at this four-day event and media outlets calling it “the most unique festival in the world;” the ultimate premium ticket you’ll be buying includes:

  • A private chartered business jet for 6 people from anywhere in the world
  • Private viewing areas of all major acts
  • The exclusive use of the famous Blue Lagoon, for you and your guests (including helicopter transfers)
  • Nature tours
  • Access to personal assistance and chefs
  • And so much more!

Which of these exciting experiences would you like to try? Remember, when planning your ultimate list of experiences your lottery winning will buy that you can’t stand a chance to win if you don’t play. Play today.

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